TUM Landslides Group goes New Zealand


In the corporation with TUM Landslide member Daniel Draebing, Sam McColl gained funding for the research project “Investigating glacier retreat as a driver of rock slope collapse: Mueller Rockslide” from Massey University Research Fund (MURF) and the Department of Conservation of New Zealand (DoC). In February, fieldwork will start at the Sealy Range near Mt Cook/Aoraki Village in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Aims of the fieldwork is the identification of short-term and long-term behaviour of the 50 mio m³ Mueller Rockslide. In addition, results from the DFG-funded project “Influences of snow cover on thermal and mechanical processes in steep permafrost rockwalls” will be presented by Daniel Draebing at the 17th Biennial Australian and New Zealand Geomorphology Group (ANZGG) meeting in Greytown.