Munich Alpine Hazards and Mitigation Cluster (AlpHaz)


New paper in Geomorphology now available online

The Northern Calcareous Alps with their steep mountain torrents are affected by a major number of debris flows per year. In a new paper, appeared in Geomorphology, Andreas Dietrich and Michael Krautblatter investigated several debris flow fans at the Plansee (Austria) and...[mehr]


New geophysical permafrost measurement site at the Zugspitze

The climate-induced degradation of permafrost can influence rock slope stability in alpine areas. Along the crest line of the highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze (2960 m asl.), we observe rock creep at the lower permafrost extension boundary in the northern Alps. Since...[mehr]


Analysing the Oberstdorf debris/hyperconcentrated flow event with 500 evacuations

On the 14/06/2015 destructive debris flows occurred at the “Faltenbach” and adjacent torrents in Oberstdorf (Bavaria, Germany). The damages to infrastructure and houses amount to several millions. Andreas Dietrich investigated sediment mobilisation with a 3D laserscanner...[mehr]


Masterthesis on Test-Site Aggenalm / Sudelfeld completed

This thesis gives an overview of deformation measurements carried out in the Aggenalmrutschung monitoring network and its geology. Measurement projects of different institutions and the resulted elements of the point field in the geodetic network will be explained. Existing data...[mehr]


Hornbergl Campaign 2015

Students of the Project "monitoring of alpine natural hazards" carried out the 16th Hornbergl measurement campaign performing GNSS and TPS network observations, terrestrial laser scans and further surveying tasks at Hornbergl Mountain near Reutte, Tirolia. Contact:...[mehr]


Visit of the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies (SSUGT)

Prof. Alexander Karpik, Prof. Vladimir Seredovich, Assoc. Prof. Sergey Seredovich, Dr. Igor Musikhin and Dmitry Vetoshkin from Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies visited Focus Area Geodesy at TUM.[mehr]


Cryowall project kicks off

Benjamin Jacobs and Michael Krautblatter permformed geophysical and LiDAR measurements as part of the new Cryowall Project at the Nordnesfjellet at the Lyngenfjord in Northern Norway. The Cryowall project is funded by the Norwegian Science Foundation and is a cooperation of the...[mehr]


Insights into Zugspitze/Eibsee rock avalanche

Sibylle Knapp conducted field work doing a seismic survey on the Eibsee lake, which has been formed by a massive rock avalanche 3700 years ago, in cooperation with Prof. Flavio Anselmetti (University of Bern, Switzerland). Reflection seismic profiles aim at improving our...[mehr]


Debris flow at Obersdorf (Germany)

A large debris flow occurred at Obersdorf (Germany) on June 14th 2015. About 500 people have been temporarily evacuated. Prof. Michael Krautblatter was interviewed by Bavarian television concerning future risks by heavy rainfall due to climate change.[mehr]