Munich Alpine Hazards and Mitigation Cluster (AlpHaz)


Pilot Project Hornbergl

“Pilot Project Hornbergl – Prevention against alpine natural hazards” (6 ECTS) Zukunftsfähige Wintersportnutzung im Skigebiet Reuttener Seilbahnen[mehr]


New special issue of Earth Surface Processes and Landforms available online

The special issue arises from research presented at a recent 'Rockslides, rockfalls, and rock avalanches' session at the annual EGU General Assembly. The special issue was compiled by Michael Krautblatter and Jeffrey Moore (University of Utah), and includes a commentary on...[mehr]


New details on a high alpine landslide associated with glacier retreat in Georgia

A large landslide last week was released from just below the peak of Mount Kazbek in Georgia. The failure originated at 4,100 m, well above the regional permafrost limit, but immediately underneath an actively retreating glacier. Debris travelled 10 km down-valley and killed a...[mehr]


The Badakshan landslide: A forseeable tragedy?

A large landslide over two weeks ago is thought to have killed over 2000 people from the village of Ab Barek in north-eastern Afghanistan. This is one of the worst landslide disasters of recent years, a timely reminder of the power of nature - and in this case, where there was...[mehr]


Exploration for the surveying of the “Kammstollen”

Exploration for the surveying of the “Kammstollen” between the Schneefernerhaus and the Kammhotel at Zugspitze as preparation of a joint measurement campaign for the monitoring of mass displacements related to local hydrology applying gravimetric, geoelectric and seismic...[mehr]


Two new papers in the Journal of Geophysical Research

Kerry Leith and co-authors have just had two new articles accepted in the Journal of Geophysical Research.[mehr]


AlpHaz now online

The AlpHaz Cluster is now visible with its own website to coordinate different kinds of expertise in teaching and research. AlpHaz is understood as dynamic cluster that aims at developing enhanced cooperation, fostering scientific and applied research and identifying synergies...[mehr]

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