AdaptRisk: Risk-based adaptation of flood and water resource management systems under climate change

Uncertainty on future climate scenarios leads to increased uncertainty in the planning of flood protection, water resources and related...[mehr]


Especially in alpine terrain areas land slides are one of the most minatory risks to human life, possessions and infrastructure. Even if the...[mehr]

Climate change, impacts and adaptation strategies in the Alpine Space (ClimChAlp)

The strategic joint project "ClimChAlp" is part of the "Interreg III B Alpine Space Programme" with the participation of...[mehr]


The necessity for monitoring geo-risk areas such as rock slides is growing due to the increasing probability of such events caused by environmental...[mehr]


Rock and soil instabilities and cascading events are frequently induced by the hydrostatic pressure changes and rainfall events. The bulk water...[mehr]

Influences of snow cover on thermal and mechanical processes in steep permafrost rock walls (ISPR)

In this project in cooperation with the SLF (Snow and Avalanche Research, Davos) we use regular LiDAR, borehole and crackmeter data, piezometers in...[mehr]

Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP)

The Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP) is one of the oldest glacier research programs worldwide. It was founded by Prof. Dr. Maynard M. Miller...[mehr]

Monitoring of Marzellkamm landslide by integrating geodetical and photogrammetrical measurements

Deep mass movements on Marzelkamm in the Austrian Oetztal are monitored. The assessment of the prevailing movements are based on geodetic...[mehr]

Monitoring potential hazardous rock walls and slopes in mountain regions (MOREXPERT)

MOREXPERT investigates short and medium term responses of slope stability to climatic changes in high alpine rock walls. The study contributes to the...[mehr]

Permafrost at the Zugspitze

Among the few current permafrost deposits in Germany is the Zugspitze, 2962 m above sea level. Germany's highest mountain. Right next to the Summit's...[mehr]

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