Munich Alpine Hazards and Mitigation Cluster (AlpHaz)

MOREXPERT investigates short and medium term responses of slope stability to climatic changes in high alpine rock walls. The study contributes to the question how man and infrastructure at risk are potentially affected by these responses. Based on a combination of geophysical and... [mehr]

Rock and soil instabilities and cascading events are frequently induced by the hydrostatic pressure changes and rainfall events. The bulk water content, the degree of saturation and the resulting hydrostatic pressure of rock and soil is a key parameter for the onset and process... [mehr]

How to efficiently manage risks posed by mountain streams? This question is addressed by this project carried out for the Bavarian authorities. Processes such as floods, debris flows or mudflows are considered. Guidelines for preparing and evaluating strategies for... [mehr]

In this project in cooperation with the SLF (Snow and Avalanche Research, Davos) we use regular LiDAR, borehole and crackmeter data, piezometers in fractures, extensometers and real (electrical and seismical) 3D-geophysics, nanoseismics and infrared thermal photography to... [mehr]

Especially in alpine terrain areas land slides are one of the most minatory risks to human life, possessions and infrastructure. Even if the trigger for a catastrophe often is a singular circumstance, like e.g. heavy rainfall, most of the threatening slopes are known moving long... [mehr]

Deep mass movements on Marzelkamm in the Austrian Oetztal are monitored. The assessment of the prevailing movements are based on geodetic measurements. As a basis of comparison for the deformation analysis, data is used which was recorded in the previous year. To enable a... [mehr]

The Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP) is one of the oldest glacier research programs worldwide. It was founded by Prof. Dr. Maynard M. Miller in 1946. Since 1981, the geodetic measurement campaigns of the University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich University of... [mehr]

Among the few current permafrost deposits in Germany is the Zugspitze, 2962 m above sea level. Germany's highest mountain. Right next to the Summit's 3700 years ago, a 300-400 million. solved m³ large landslide and spread as a fall in the current pool of Garmisch-Partenkrichen to... [mehr]

The runoff performance and therefore the emergence of flooding incidents can be affected by snowmelt occurrences especially in catchment areas located in the alpine upland. In those regions it is necessary to accurately display snow hydrological processes like snow accumulation... [mehr]