Courses in the summer term 2020

Dear students,

due to the current Covid19-situation, the upcoming semester will be given in digital form for the foreseeable future. Please prepare yourself for the regular semester start on 20 April 2020. You will have access to your courses through the usual platforms (TUMonline and moodle). Please let us know via E-mail if we can be of any assistance.

We put together an overview over the courses that will be held next semester. Fortunately and thanks to the work and effort of all the staff, we are able to offer you most of the content of our usual curriculum.

The deadline for applications to the Master's program Computational Mechanics  is extended until 30 June 2020.

Please also follow the information provided by central offices of TUM.

Welcome to the Master Program Computational Mechanics

Let`s build your future together on numerical methods in engineering at the Technical University of Munich.

Computational mechanics is a constantly growing field with impact on both science and industry in all areas of engineering. It is concerned with solving mechanical problems on the basis of numerical approximation methods, involving discretization of the underlying equations in both space and time. Nowadays, related skills are indispensable in civil and mechanical engineering, for the design of automobiles and spacecrafts, for developments in biomechanics and micro-electro-mechanical systems. Virtually all technical disciplines make use of the fast progress in this area.

For further information feel welcome to visit our introduction page.