Computational Mechanics at TUM was founded in 2000 by the Civil Engineering faculty to meet today’s increased demands for experts in the field of engineering. Generally, the lectures are offered by Civil Engineering faculty at the TUM main campus in downtown Munich. However, it is also possible to take lectures on computational mechanics from other faculties either at the main campus or in the city of Garching.

A wide variety of classes are offered to students interested in different areas of computational mechanics. Most of the Civil Engineering faculty chairs contribute to the development of the Computational Mechanics master’s program. Faculty members offer students challenging courses and provide support with research projects as well as theses. Please visit our curriculum page to find a list of all lectures.

The COME Program enables its students to make invaluable experiences besides gaining all the kowlegde of numerical methods. As an international program COME brings students from all the world together and offers therefore a very intercultural working atmosphere. Find out more on the student's view page.

Nowadays, there is a high demand for qualified individuals with a strong computational mechanics background in industry and in academic environment. Computational Mechanics program at TUM invites you to experience this field of study, offering you excellent academic faculty and state-of-the-art research facilities. Please check our application page here.