Examination dates

Please refer to TUMonline for detailled information on the exam dates and check with your course coordinators.

Exam Registration

Please consider the registration periods in TUMonline:

Winter term:

01st to 31st January

Summer term:

01st to 31st July

Registration after deadline is seriously not possible!

These periods may not be valid for some elective courses, which are held e.g. as a block course.

Registration Procedure

This short YouTube video explains the exam registration!

In written words:

  • Click on "Study status/Curriculum" in your TUMonline profile card. Do not use "Exam registration"! (You can easily register for the wrong examination, as we got examinations with the same name and date, which are valid only for other study programs!) Click on your study program and choose the desired examination from your schedule (tree structure) and register.

  • Please note: The flags in this tree structure have got the following meaning:
    orange: indicates a module which consists out of
    red: lectures – and
    green: examinations.
  • If you wish to register for an examination which is not part of the COME program, select "Exam registration" in your TUMonline profile card. Here you can search for the relevant examination and register by clicking on the "Register" button. If you would like to get credits for it, you should contact the course coordinator and clarify, whether the course can be accredited within the 9 “free” elective credits. Do not use this possibility for courses which are part of the COME program!

Exam Administration

Mrs. Göppel is responsible for the administration of the examinations.