Die Ingenieurfakultät Bau Geo Umwelt wurde zum 30. September 2021 aufgelöst und am 1. Oktober 2021 in die TUM School of Engineering and Design integriert. Diese Webseite wird nicht mehr aktualisiert und mit der Zeit nach und nach abgeschaltet.

Für aktuelle Informationen zu Studium und Forschung besuchen Sie bitte die Webseite der TUM School of Engineering and Design sowie das TUM Wiki.

Welcome to the Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering

We would like to introduce you to the Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Munich. Subscribing to the mission statement "Construction – Infrastructure – Environment – Planet Earth", our department is responsible for tuition and research in the field of civil and environmental engineering, surveying and geology. The department is home to a total of 40 departments and professorships as well as several research and development institutions such as testing centers, external institutes and laboratories. More than 4,000 students from all over the world are taught in a total of 17 study programmes of different kinds.

Civil Vision 2030 - The Future of Civil Engineering@TUM

A vision we stand for includes the systemic integration of economic and social success, the protection of the climate and the environment and the associated social responsibility, and the development of the talents of the future.

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Ingenieurfakultät Bau Geo Umwelt
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