Welcome to the Chair of Building Physics

The Chair of Building Physics was established in summer 2004 at the Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering in order to keep abreast with the growing importance of building physics in the building industry.
Since 2014 the chair has been led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Peter Sedlbauer, who is also head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP). The Chair of Building Physics at the Technical University of Munich conducts teaching and research on the main issues of building physics such as heat, moisture, acoustics and light.

Two interdisciplinary topics are of special interest:


Human in Spaces and Climate Cluture Building

Physiological, psychological and socio-cultural aspects are of interest within the scope of the topic "Human in spaces", as they all have an influence on the well-being of the users. Since many people, especially in industrial nations, spend most of their time working indoors, the focus of related research is not only on comfort but also on performance, occupational safety and health. Typical building physics findings, for example on the growth of moulds in rooms, form the basis for further investigations.

The topic area "Climate Culture Building" explores new methods and processes for the thermal and hygric behaviour of buildings. Due to different internal and external boundary conditions as well as different user behaviour, building physics findings cannot simply be transferred from one climate zone to another. Using current calculation methods, adaptive user processes are only taken into account to a limited extent. Here, too, cultural peculiarities are of great interest.

Both topic areas overlap thematically, so that supplements and synergy effects can be expected. The shared basis is provided by building physics fundamentals.

Students have the opportunity to write their final theses at the Chair of Building Physics and/or the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, provided that such theses are advertised within the framework of research projects.