Important information for lecturers

Like every semester, the computers in the CIP-Pools of the faculty will be reinstalled. You will get detailled information about this topic in our semester mail via our LRZ mailing list "cip-bv-info".

Please check if you have signed up as a lecturer for our mailing list, otherwise you can sign up following this link:

We would like to remind you that there is no basic installation in the CIP-Pools. This means that your required software that you found in the CIP-Pools during this semester will not automatically be available in the next semester.

You can download further information here.


Booking of the CIP-Pools

Please note that, concerning the booking of the CIP-Pools, that those courses which are regularly booked in every semester have priority over new courses. New courses have the chance to book a remaining slot after the 15th of March (for summer semester) or the 15th of September (for winter semester).

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