Users Information

  • There will be a new installation of the CIP-Pools for every term, where every not self-backup data will be deleted.
    • Begin: approx. 7 weeks before the start of the new term
    • Length: approx. 3 weeks
  • The software for the installation in the CIP-pools should be archived (from SS2012) on the following network data store under the actual term folder and with the name of your chair.


    (login with your MyTUM-identification and password)

Next semester's deadline: End of actual term

Consider the following for the software delivery:

  • We will need a text-document:

    Name: Install.txt
    Content: A list of the in the lectures required software and an installation description with all necessary options. We prefer the installation with the parameter in silent mode. (*1)

  • The files for installation: Disks can be archived as "*.iso" files.
  • The contact data of one person, who is available for questions and help during the installation.
  • Deadline: End of actual term

(*1): Ask your distributor for SILENT-installation parameters and inform us if so.


Network storage

Additionally to the services from the system administration the LRZ is offering a special network storage for saving data from students. The great effort is the worldwide availability (if there is any Internet connection) over web-based access.

Web Access:

Login: ads\TUM-ID* + password

* Every user needs a special TUM-ID, containing a 7-digit combination of letters and numbers. You can find your own TUM-ID on the MyTUM-Portal under "Personal Preferences". The matching password is the one from your MyTUM-login.

Information for lecturers:

  • Provision of Data in the CIP-Pools for lectures/training

    If you want to store data for lectures/training on a network share, which should be available for your students in every CIP-room, then you can use the following network share for it. Please choose the right folder of your chair/department and store all your data there.

    Network share (map as a network drive): \\\tubv\cip\Lehre

    Note: Please don't store data needed for more than one semester because the network share will be deleted every semester.

    Students can read + execute the data stored on this network folder. Every student has to copy the stored data if he/she wants to work with it. Members of the respective chair/department have full access.

  • Projectors

    Information here


    Advise: There is a new installation of the CIP-Pools every term. ALL data stored on this computers will be deleted irrevocable.


    If there are any wishes concerning any software-tools, please directly ask the system administration or write an email to:

    The system administration will check your proposal and include it into the basic installation if there is any inquiry from other students for this tool.


    Information for the installation of the software that was submitted by the chairs of the faculty for the upcoming term. If there are any problems please contact