Application Procedure

The application procedure for all master's programs at TUM is similar.

This webpages describes all steps from application up to enrollemnt in many details.

Infomation given on our webpage is only additional information for your convenience.

Application deadline

The application deadline is explained here.

Apply online via TUMonline

To apply for admission to the Master's program in Computational Mechanics, you first have to register and apply in TUMonline. (How to fill an online application at TUM)

Detailed information about the application and enrolment process can be found at the respective TUM website
Before you start the application process, please read the information about the general eligibility requirements for Computational Mechanics given here.

Proof of your documents by uni-assit

Applicants who have obtained their qualification for postgraduate studies (i.e. a bachelor's degree) in a country outside of the EU/EEA need to have their documents additionally processed by uni-assist. Uni-assit will charge you 75 Euros for the so called preliminary documentation (VPD).

More information about the application via uni-assit can be found here.

Collect and send the required documents

Please note that currently the application procedure is subject to changes. To our present knowledge, hard-copies of the required documents will not have to bee sent to TUM until after admission. This might not be valid for uni-assist.

Letters of recomendation will directly be requested from contacts you provided when needed.

The subsequent information will be updated as soon as possible.

After having completed the online application you will be provided with an application form. Print out this form, complete the remaining parts, sign it, and send it to registrar`s office ("Immatrikulationsamt") of TUM (see address below) together with the following documents (checklist):

(please consider these hints about notarization - how to get an officially authenticated copy)

  • An officially authenticated copy of your academic record (listing your subjects and grades), including information about your universities' grading system and translation
  • An officially authenticated copy of bachelor, diploma degree or equivalent
  • A proof of your English language proficiency. E.g. an officially authenticated copy or original score report of English proficiency exams (e.g. TOEFL/IELTS). The FAQs provide further information about the required tests and the respective minimum scores. Please note that the test results have to be handed in at the latest until the application deadline.
  • Optional: A proof of very basic German knowledge (if your language of instruction was not German in your previous education). This proof can be a certificate of any German course (any level) of the Goethe Institute or another language school (including your home university). If you cannot proof basic German knowledge during your application, you have to complete a basic German course at our university during your first two semesters at our University. (You can find more information on German courses here.)
  • Applicants with a degree from an Indian university have to submit their recent GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) results of papers
  • Applicants with a degree from a Vietnamese, Chinese or Mongolian university have to submit a valid APS certificate.
  • Optional: Copy of university entrance qualification/school leaving certificate or equivalent including translation (no authentication required).
  • A personal statement - Letter of Motivation (why would you like to take part in the COME program?) FAQ
  • A curriculum vitae   
  • A ranking list (if possible), i.e. a statement (certified by your university) that you, for example, completed your Bachelor as the 3rd best student among 50 other graduates in your term  
  • Letter of reference (onoe or two), please use the appropriate form (available in .pdf  in the download section below). Please fill in your name, sign the form, and give this form to a professor or other person who is well acquainted with your academic work (no job reference). Send the letter in a sealed envelope to TUM with the rest of your application materials. The form consists out of two pages: on the first page the recommender is asked for a ranking of the student, the second is the letter itself. The recommender also can use the own institutional letter paper to write the recommendation letter.
  • A copy of your passport (no authentification required)

After admission to our program:

  • You also must have a proof of sufficient health insurance in order to be able to enrol at TUM

Please follow the instructions of the online application carefully and refer to the application guide when in doubt. It will tell you exactly what further documents are required. If you have any further questions contact us.

You should always include certified copies of the requested documents translated to German or English if issued in a different language (unless requested otherwise). Do not send us any originals (except from the recommendation letters)!

Address for sending the applications documents:

    Technische Universitaet Muenchen
    80290 Muenchen


    Technische Universität München
    Arcisstraße 21
    80333 München

The registrar`s office will forward your application to us after checking the documents for validity (and - if necessary- after receiving the preliminary documentation from uni-assist). Decisions on admission are made by the Board of Examination. All applicants are informed immediately.


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Application Checklist 
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