Student cards

Student cards sent postally for enrollemnts in winter term 20/21 [more]

Identification of continuum-mechanics material parameters of granular materials using particle methods [more]

WelCOME Adress

Today we had the WelCOME Address for the new students [more]

„Der nächste deutschlandweite VDI-Doktorandentag an der TUM 13. September 2019, Technische Universität München Campus Garching-Forschungszentrum [more]

Australien - Neuseeland - Kanada - USA - Asien [more]

Numerical modeling of liquid transport in fuel cells [more]

The schedule of courses for the summer semester 2019 can be downloaded now. [more]

A service by the TUM accomondation support [more]

PdD position Geophysics, Physics, Mechanical or Computational Engineering [more]

Die timetable can be downloaded here. [more]

Available thesis offers in the university

Master thesis offers in our chairs are given in the following links. There might be additional other theisis available. Please visit the chairs in person for more information.

  • Chair of Structural Analysis, please click here
  • Chair of Structural Mechanics, please click here
  • Chair of Computation in Engineering, please get infomation at the chair (e.g. from displays at the hallway)
  • Chair of Hydromechanics, please click here
  • Chair of Computational Mechanics, please click here

Master thesis in industry

In Computational Mechanics MSc, it is possible to write your master thesis in the industry.
There are many companies in Munich as well as in other cities offering students the possibility to connect theory and practical experience while completing their master thesis.
If you are interested, please take a look at the following possibilities.

  • P+Z Engineering GmbH - Munich, please click here
  • BMW, please click here
  • MTU, please click here
  • Sofistik, please click here
  • Müller BBM, please click here
  • MATFEM, please click here

Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering

Computational Mechanics: One member of the Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering (Master of Science with honours).

Application deadline will be published here.