Master in energy-efficient and sustainable building - this study course is expiring - last admission to the summer semester 2018

Starting WS 18/19 Resource-efficient and Sustainable Building

Starting in the winter semester 2011/12, the Faculty of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, together with the Faculty of Architecture, offers for the first time an interdisciplinary and inter-faculty Master in Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building leading to the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.).

The new programme aims to provide in-depth knowledge in the fields of energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment. The main focus is on ecological and energetic conception as well as on economic, social, technical and processm oriented aspects of planing and building.

The particularity is the interdisciplinary teaching of required competences in the field of energy efficient and sustainable building, achieved by conveying integrated subjects that demonstrate connections and harness synergy effects of an interdisciplinary education which is essential to efficiently implement energy efficient and sustainable building.

The Master course is supported by several institutes of the Faculties of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Surveying and also includes the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering as well as the Study Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning.

With this course a new, independent profession is created, closing the gap between traditional civil engineering/architecture and environmental engineering, increasing chances in a dynamically developing business field, also on an international level. The teaching of knowledge and competences enables the graduates of the new Master’s course to apply their newly acquired technical knowledge in a leading position as integrated member in an established field of engineering in order to develop and realise energy efficient and sustainable settlements, infrastructure systems or constructions projects.