Resource-efficient and Sustainable Building

Degree Program Information

Enrollment starting in the winter semester


Master RNB

Subject Examinations and Study Regulations

Subject Examinations and Study Regulations

Program Documentation

Program Documentation

Information from the Bavarian Chamber of Architects

Graduates who have successfully completed a six-semester Bachelor‘s degree in Architecture and have successfully completed the Master RNB fulfill the registration requirements for the Chamber, given that they can provide proof of  having taken the subjects building construction and structural design. They may register even if the proof of professional practice still needs to be provided. Additionally, a thesis that contains architectural design elements is beneficial for fulfilling the university requirements for registration.

Information from the Bavarian Chamber of Engineers

A graduate of the program „Ressource Efficient and Sustainable Building“ may become a member of the Bavarian Chamber of Engineers if they completed an engineering degree prior to the RNB Master.

Those graduates who have completed a degree in Civil Engineering (where applicable,  with a focus on fire protection) may be added to the list of engineers authorized to submit building documents, provide proof of stability or proof of fire protection

Application Process Information

This Master‘s program is aimed at students who have completed a degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering as well as Building Services Engineering or similar programs related to technical building equipment.

Application Documents:

  • May be submitted in either English or German
  • Must be submitted in full by May 31st (please note that this includes the language certificates)
  • Letters of recommendation are not necessary

Two-Step Aptitude Test

First Step of the Aptitude Test

  • In the first step a maximum of 100 points can be awarded 
  • Over 80 points: direct acceptance
  • Less than 70 points: application is rejected
  • 70 to 79 points: invitation to an aptitude interview
  • The matriculation office checks all application documents for formal completeness
  • Please submit all formal application questions directly to the TUM CST
  • The Chair of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Building only receives the application after it has been reviewed by the matriculation office
  • The applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received at the chair and the results will be published on TUM Online after the review has been completed
  • The current status of your application can be found on TUM Online

Second Step of the Aptitude Test

  • The aptitude interviews take place in July
  • The appointment for the interview will be communicated via email (at least one week in advance) by the secretary of the Chair of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Building
  • Given the proper circumstances, the interview can also be done via Skype per request
  • Relevant documentation from your Bachelor‘s degree (e.g. portfolio, work samples, bachelor thesis) should be brought to the interview

Transcript of Records

A minimum of 135 ECTs

the competencies acquired in the Bachelor’s degree will be assessed according to the following subject groups:

  • Basic knowledge in the field of sustainable building, from the design to deconstruction and recycling
  • Basic knowledge of technical building equipment
  • Basic knowledge of building physics
  • Basic knowledge about building and construction materials
  • Basic knowledge about building construction and structural design
  • Basic knowledge about infrastructure and urban planning
  • Methodology basics in the economical aspect of construction

serves as the foundation for analyzing the applicants technical qualifications

Maximum 50 of 100 points in the first step of the aptitude test

Final Grades

  • A final Bachelor‘s grade point average of better than 3.0: for every tenth over 3.0, half a point will be awarded
  • A final grade point average less than 3.0 will not receive any points
  • If the final grades have not been received yet, the average grade of the best 135 ECTs may be calculated
  • Maximum 10 of 100 points in the first step of the aptitude test

Work Samples

Work samples from the Bachelor‘s degree:

  • For a Bachelor in Architecture: Portfolio
  • For engineering degrees: technically relevant research papers or Bachelor thesis (maximum of 20 pages)
  • Up to 5MB, electronic submission
  • Are evaluated in addition to the Transcript of Records to assess technical and professional qualifications


  • In table form
  • With a current photo
  • All information relevant to your previous career
  • Proof/Certificates of degree-specific vocational training, internships, continued education and any special commitments should be added to your application
  • Serves as a supplement to the letter of motivation

Letter of Motivation

  • Maximum of two DIN A4 pages
  • May be written in English or German
  • Reason for choosing the program
  • Presentation of your specific commitment
  • Used to assess personal motivation
  • Maximum 20 of 100 points in the first step of the aptitude test


  • Maximum of 400 words
  • May be written in English or German
  • Topic: „challenges and opportunities in the building industry for securing a sustainable future“
  • Serves to evaluate scientific/logical reasoning with method-oriented procedures as well as engineering language competencies 
  • Maximum 20 of 100 points in the first step of the aptitude test

German Language Certificate

Recognized German language certificates:

German Language Certificate

the language certificate must be submitted by May 31st

English Language Certificate

Recognized English language certificates:

English Language Certificate

Also recognized:

  • 30 ECTs of Bachelor courses in English (with confirmation from the faculty)
  • Bachelor thesis written in English
  • Gateway courses from the TUM Language Center 

English Courses

the language certificate must be submitted by May 31st, please note that at many institutions the examination dates for the English language certificates need to be booked well in advance!