Development co-operation

The TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering supports the promotion of developing and newly industrialised countries.

Due to the growth of the global population yet the continued limited / unequally distributed resources, the economic and social situation in the poorer countries of this world is expect to worsen.
In addition to many other important aspects of international development aid, this addresses the supply and disposal of water and waste water with the attendant consequences for the nutritional situation and standards of hygiene, access to land and natural resources as well as their sustainable use, infrastructural development with regard to roads and socially acceptable, safe housing and, not least of all, to the education sector and the transfer of know-how in general.

The core competences of the engineers at our faculty are the creation and design of living space, as well as the realisation of the supply and protection of people. Moreover, as a university, we are dedicated to the transfer and practical use of knowledge gained.

The following gives examples of projects and contacts of the individual chairs which have a character specific to the field of development. t It provides interested parties with an initial, summarised source of information on the development aid work carried out by the TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering. Furthermore, we wish to offer development aid societies and organisations cooperation as part of research work, degree theses, seminar papers, internships and the work of visiting lecturers.
If a development aid organisation is interested in cooperation with the TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, please contact the address below:

Chair for Building Mechanics, Professor Müller

  • Topic: “Strengthening of structural substance in the loading condition of an earthquake”

Chair for Traffic Technology, Professor Busch

  • Member of the World Road Association PIARC (transfer of knowledge from the sector of road traffic, paying particular attention to the requirements of developing countries)

Chair for Wood Construction and Building Construction, Professor Winter


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