The Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering fully endorses the TUM mission statement

"Science and innovation in an open society are based on freedom, democracy, human rights and transparency. In this sense, diversity means mutual respect, participation and inclusion of all people in the scientific community regardless of gender, nationality, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity. Only in this way can the potential and specific talents and abilities of every member of society come to full fruition. As a Technical University, TUM deems gender issues particularly important across all areas of diversity."

On 17.12.2012, the Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering and the Technische Universität München management finalized a set of diversity objectives , by which the further promotion of various diversity dimensions within the faculty were determined.

The diversity areas are subdivided into the following 8 dimensions, in some of which the Faculty of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering is committed to various additional measures:

Equality between women and men at all levels of qualification

  • Organization of panel discussions professional female representatives of different stakeholders with the aim of airing ideas for reconciling work and family, achieving an awareness of the topic in practice, communicating the needs of TUM diversity, and stimulating discussion among the students

Promote family-friendly study and work conditions for women and men

  • The possibility to actively participate in the "Kinderzimmer" of TUM School of Education in Marsstraße. The facility is open to all faculty members. Optional childcare provided.


  • Offer of various activities for the integration of international students, such as welcome events, introduction days for beginners in international Master's programs, faculty mentoring
  • Internationalization of students by promoting intercultural competence through active participation in summer schools and international teaching formats
  • Promoting the integration of international students by organizing networking events within the Faculty Graduate Center, PhD regulars, New Year receptions and Doctoral Candidates' Day
  • Realization of international projects by staff and students within the framework of the faculty platform for development assistance
  • Internationalization of staff and professors through promotion of language skills through further training and targeted coaching in lectures

Disabled access / chronic diseases

  • TUM offers a broad range of counseling sessions for students and staff and provides individual solution concepts to minimize barriers.

Mature age and lifelong learning

Inclusion of disadvantaged people and students striving to be the first in their family to graduate

  • Visits of primary schools to increase the enthusiasm for technology among children, especially first or second generation immigrants and girls

Religion and belief

  • The Catholic Student Association (KHG) and the Protestant Student Association (EHG) at TUM offer counseling for diverse topics and have frequent events like masses or meditation.
  • The Jewish Student Society Bavaria (VJSB) based in Munich concentrates on all areas of jewish student life: culture, intercultural dialogue, holidays, parties, sport events and political engagements are part of their agenda.
  • The Islamic Student Association (IHV) is a group of students and graduates that aim to represent muslim student’s interests. IHV responds to questions about Islamic topics in the universities

Sexual identity

All eight dimensions are addressed by the mentoring program for all students in the 2nd semester: In mentoring conversations, students can address problems with specially trained mentors from later semesters, who provide appropriate assistance or further advice and referral to the relevant institutions at the TUM.