Associate members of the BGU faculty

Chair of Astronomical and Physical Geodesy

  • Markus Hauk: Concepts and processing strategies for Next Generation Gravity Missions. more
  • Peter Schack: Vehicle-based vector gravimetry using a navigation-grade inertial measurement unit. more
  • Meng Yang: High-resolution local or regional gravity field determination / RTM errors sources and its effect in regional gravity field determination. more

Associate Professorship of Satellite Geodesy

  • Christoph Bamann: Orbit Prediction Uncertainty of Space Debris from Laser Ranging and Complementary Data. more
  • Xingchi He: Massive LEO Constellations for Positioning. more

German Geodetic Research Institute and Chair for Geodetic Geodynamics (DGFI-TUM)

  • Eva Börgens: Water level Modelling of the Mekong River Based on Multi-Mission Altimetry. more
  • Eren Erdogan: Near Real-Time Estimation of the Ionosphere Using Wavelet-Based Sequential Filters. more
  • Ganesh Lalgudi Gopalakrishnan: Assimilation of GNSS, Earth observation satellite mission data and space weather information into ionosphere-thermosphere coupling models. more
  • Matthias Glomsda: Potential of VLBI Multi Sessions for the Improvement of Geodetic Reference System- and Earth Orientation Parameters. more
  • Andreas Goss: Forecast of ionosphere parameters based on various observation techniques and adaptive model approaches. more
  • Alexander Kehm: Datum realisation of regional reference frames through combination of geodetic observation techniques on the example of the South American reference frame. more
  • Qing Liu: Regional gravity field refinement for geoid height modeling based on the combination of data from various observation techniques. more
  • Felix Müller: Variations in ocean currents, sea ice concentration, and sea surface temperature along the North-East coast of Greenland. more
  • Gaia Piccioni: Ocean Tide Modelling from Satellite Altimetry. more
  • Ole Roggenbuck: Combination of different sea surface height measurement techniques. more

Associate Professorship of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

  • Richard Boerner: Change detection in topobathymetric point clouds. more
  • Maria Chizhova: Modellbasierte geometrische 3D Rekonstruktion von Bauwerken aus Punktwolken unter Nutzung statistischer Nachbarschaften. more
  • Joachim Gehrung: Change Detection of Urban Structures in MLS Point Clouds utilizing Voxel based Probabilistic Modeling. more
  • Alexander Hanel: Driving situation characterization. more
  • Carlos Villamil Lopez: Change Detection in Urban Areas using Very High Resolution SAR Data and Scene Knowledge. more
  • Yusheng Xu: Reconstruction of building objects and materials from point clouds mapping a construction site. more
  • Niclas Zeller: Obstacle Detection by Analyzing Light-Field Sequences of a Plenoptic Camera. more

Chair of Remote Sensing Technology (joint appointment with DLR)

  • Ana del Águila Pérez: High performance processing algorithms of satellite measurements for retrieval of trace gases and cloud properties. more
  • Carlos Augusto Bentes da Silva: Target Classification in Oceanographic SAR Images with Deep Neural Networks. more
  • Víctor Molina García: Retrieval of cloud properties from DSCOVR-EPIC. more
  • Rong Huang: Change detection of construction sites using radiometric and geometric information from point clouds. more
  • Erling Johnson: Mass balance and dynamics of calving glaciers from high resolution SAR data. more
  • Lukas Krieger: Retrieval of glaciological parameters from SAR data and mass balance modelling of glaciers in Northeast Greenland. more
  • Lukas Liebel: Synthetic Training Data for Vision-Based Road Scene Understanding. more
  • Fabian Romahn: Machine Learning in Remote Sensing. more
  • Marc Rußwurm: Multi-temporal Earth Observation with Deep Neural Networks. more
  • Yuanxin Xia: 3D Tree Crown Modelling from Very High Resolution Close-Range Pho­togrammetric Imagery. more

Assistant Professorship of Signal Processing in Earth Observation (joint appointment with DLR)

  • Yuansheng Hua: Recurrently Exploring Class-wise Attention in A Convolutional and Bidirectional LSTM Network for Multi-label Aerial Image Classification. more
  • Lloyd Hughes: Deep Learning for Matching Synthetic Apature Radar and Optical Remote Sensing Imagery. more
  • Qingyu Li: Building Footprint Generation by integrating Convolution neural network with feature pairwise conditional random field (FPCRF). more
  • Chunping Qiu: Human settlement extent mapping from Sentinel-2 images via deep learning. more
  • Yuxing Xie: Semantic Labeling of Multisensory 3D Point Clouds. more

Chair of Cartography

  • Mohammad Abusohyon: Improving usability of Space Time Cube for analysing movement data. more
  • Edyta Paulina Bogucka: Map-based Storytelling for Smart City Services. more
  • Andreas Divanis:  A Climate Event Portal for Citizen Science. more
  • Bing Liu:Perceptual and Designing Issues about Augmented-Reality-Based Naviga­tion. more
  • Ruoxin Zhu: Perceiving human behavior triggered by social events from geo-tagged social media data. more
  • Chenyu Zuo: Dashboard-based Visual Analytics for Regional Socio-economical Ecosystem Understanding. more

Chair of Geodesy

  • Clemens Glock: The transformation and homogenization system Ortra for the transformation of the Bavarian Real Estate Cadastre to ETRS89/UTM. more
  • Sebastian Preis: Consideration to Standardize the Definition, Norm and Registration of Surface Structures. more
  • Christopher Sandner: Characterization of specific errors from track geometry inspection. more

Chair of Geoinformatics

  • Kanishk Chaturvedi: Integration and Management of Time-dependent Properties with Semantic 3D City Models. more
  • Mostafa Elfouly: General Indicator Modelling for Urban Systems based on Semantic 3D City Models using Model-Driven-Engineering. more

Assistant Professorship of Land Management and Land Tenure

  • Lee Cheonjae: A divided nation: Land tenure, governance and Korean (re-)unification. more
  • Ying Lu: Rural development in the context of urbanization and industrialization in China. more