Dear Doctoral Students,

You're kindly invited to contact us if you have any questions, ideas and problems. We are here to listen your opinions and forward your requests to responsible person. We are glad to welcome everyone who would like to get involved and further improve GZW. Please drop by our next Active Meeting. We're looking forward to see you there.

Tanja Schröder und Fatemeh Shajari

Doctoral representatives of the FGC-BGU

As a member of the FGc-BGU you may participate in deciding on your representation in the TUM; either by electing someone or by running for office yourself. Each year, every graduate center of a department, including the FGC-BGU, elects a first and a second doctoral candidate representative by secret ballot.

In the moment our first doctoral representative is Tanja Schröder (Chair of Landslide Research)

and the second doctoral representative is Fatemeh Shajari (Chair of Hydrogeology)

The doctoral candidate representatives are members of the Executive Committee of the FGC-BGU and simultaneously members of the Graduate Council of the TUM.

Graduate Council of the TUM

Every year, two members of the Graduate Council  are elected to the Executive Board of the TUM-GS. The Graduate Council Spokesperson is a member of the TUM Academic Senate.