During your Doctorate

Compulsory Program

Kick-off seminar

The kick-off seminar provides information about the scientific work and the diverse offers at TUM. The three-day seminar is also an ideal opportunity to network with doctoral students from other disciplines. Every year there are 12 to 15 kick-off seminars in attractive conference centers outside the TUM. An overview of important dates and information about registration please click here.

Subject-specific qualification

Our engineering faculty provides a specific offer for technical and technical related further qualification which is forming an ideal completion and deepens the individual research. The offer includes, amongst others doctoral candidates colloquia, statistics and software seminars, summer/ winter schools as well as thematic varying workshops from external associate professors.

Based on the total duration of the doctoral work, each doctoral candidate must participate in subject-specific and subject-related courses of a total of 6 hours per week (SWS). For instance, if you spend 3 years on your doctorate, it is sufficient to take 1 semester credit per semester. Naturally, it is up to you how you divide up the 6 semester credits.

Please research the subject-specific and subject-related offerings in our Department Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering here.

The form to certify a subject-specific course yous can download here.

Doctoral Candidates who need funding for an international conference in Germany (inland), please contact the FGC-BGU, Dr.-Ing. A. Spengler.

Publishing (proofreading service)

Science is a collective process in which the quality of research is mainly guaranteed by peer review and public discussion among scholars in the field. The most important currencies in academia are thus publications in peer-reviewed journals, and having these articles cited by other scholars.

In order to anchor this quality assurance in doctoral training as well, doctoral candidates at TUM are required to present their research publicly to experts in the field at least once. As a rule, this is done by submitting peer reviewed publications or conference papers that were subject to a peer review process.

In order to help with the publication process, the TUM Graduate School offers all doctoral candidates professional, discipline-related proofreading of academic articles in English. This proofreading service is free for TUM-GS members. Up to two articles can be proofread per student.

Info Sheet: Proofreading Service (English/German)

Please send the application for proofreading to fgc.bgu@tum.de

Feedback discussion

At the latest 24 months after joining the TUM-GS (provisional membership) there needs to be, according to § 15 paragraph 7 of the statutes of the TUM Graduate School, a feedback discussion on the doctoral thesis project. The basis for this feedback discussion is § 13 paragraph 7 of the FGC-BGU regulations.

The feedbackdiscussion is based on:

  • an university seminar lecture, which may be replaced by a lecture at a scientific meeting,
  • a written interim report of the doctoral candidate for the continuation of the scientific work, which can be replaced by a scientific contribution submitted for publication if the later comprehensively reproduces the results,
  • a two-page fact sheet (according to the faculty's format)
  • an updated supervision agreement and
  • a consulting session with the mentor.

In the feedback session, the supervisor and the doctoral candidate shall discuss the progress of the doctoral project and how to proceed.

The form can be found here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Faculty Graduate Center: fgc.bgu@tum.de

Annual confirmation

Doctoral candidates are required to confirm once per year. The confirmation period starts every October. This helps to ensure that the only doctoral projects registered are those that are ongoing. In the course of this process, supervisors confirm via DocGS that the relevant doctoral candidates are still engaged in doctoral study.

The new Higher Education Statistics Act, which takes effect for doctoral studies in 2017, requires the collection of this data. The DocGS online platform makes it possible to collect the data required by law. DocGS is also an efficient interface for all those involved in the doctoral process at TUM: Doctoral candidates, chairs, departments, Graduate Centers, the Doctoral Office and the TUM-GS Management Office all have access to the areas that are relevant to them.

The entire doctoral process can be visualized in DocGS, from registration as a doctoral candidate to submission of the doctoral thesis.

Academic environment of the TUM

For internal doctoral students, the integration into the academic environment of TUM is automatically given. External doctoral students must demonstrate the embedding in the academic environment of  TUM.The integration can be provided by the present time at TUM or at the Faculty Graduate Center by  teaching at TUM or by being part of a research group at TUM. Please check with the FGC-BGU in advance whether and which specific requirements are to be met. Proof of performance is provided by a self-report, which has to be signed by your supervisor. Upload this self-report in the DOC GS portal and send the application.

The FGC-BGU decides on the recognition. Please make sure that you keep the original proof until the end of your doctorate.

Optional Program

Transferable Skills Training

The TUM Graduate School offers a wide range of courses that support you as a doctoral candidate to further develop your transferable skills and expand your interdisciplinary experience. The courses are designed as an additional qualification during your doctorate and offer valuable orientation for your next career steps. 

More information about the currently offered courses you find here.

Research Stays Abroad

Research is more international today than ever before. That is why TUM supports early international and intercultural collaboration in research, and the creation of global networks.

Who will be supported?

Please take notice of our infosheet Financial support of a research stay abroad.

Here you find the information about the financial support of TUM-GS.


All doctoral candidates at TUM are expected to actively participate in the academic environment, including external doctoral candidates in particular. In general, participation in the academic environment is demonstrated by attendance at TUM, working at TUM, teaching, supervision of students, or through participation in a TUM research group.

Confirmation of teaching performance

Please fill in that form and add -if possible- an extract of TUMonline, which proves, that you were participating in the teaching of that course.


Change of status

You wish to change your status during the doctoral project?