Information for supervisors

As a supervisor of a doctoral student, you will guide them in their work and support them in developing their own scientific profile. On this page you can get a quick overview of what is to be considered  regarding the doctorate process at our department.

Admission to the doctorate

The formal requirements for admission to a doctorate at the TUM are regulated in the doctoral program (PromO) the current and older versions can be found here.

Requirements / Proof of exceptional scientific performance at TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering

  • Usually potential doctoral candidates possess a university degree (MSc or equivalent) with a mini- mum grade of 2.5 as proof of their scientific performance. If the grade of the university degree is worse than 2.5, it is possible to compensate this by appropriate post-graduate scientific performance. At the BGU, this is possible down to a grade of 2.9. If the grade awarded by a foreign university is worse than 2.9, the Department considers the individual case at the request of the supervisor to determine whether an exception can be made.    
  • Furthermore, within the context of the recognition of foreign university degrees, additional proof of scientific performance can be demanded by not only the Examination Office.
  • To ensure quality, the certificates of bachelor's degrees awarded by foreign universities should be made available to the Department.
  • It is the responsibility of the supervisor to make sure that the certificates - necessary for verifying foreign university degrees - are being handed in completely, as well as the assessment of the learning content of the course.

Doctoral candidates without university degrees in engineering

  • If the academic degree of Dr.-Ing. is aspired to although the doctoral candidate does not possess a university degree in engineering, the supervisor confirms by signing the supervision agreement that the subject and content of the thesis work belong to the field of engineering. The supervisor monitors the progress of the thesis work in this respect paying particular attention to the feedback discussion.
  • If the academic degree of Dr. rer. nat. is aspired, a faculty of the TUM must be involved in the doctoral program, which has the right to award this academic degree. The supervisor proposes a professor whom he has contacted in advance. A few months before submitting the doctoral thesis, a summary of the work as well as the planned examination committee must be submitted to the Dean's Office, so that the application can be submitted to the dean of the department involved.

Entry in the doctoral list

For entering the doctoral list, the applicant needs a supervision agreement as well as fulfilling the educational requirements. The application for registration is made via the online platform DocGS.

The documents can be submitted at the Dean's office or at FGC-BGU.

Documents to be handed in

For the completion of the application the applicant needs to hand in  the following documents:    

  • Printed application form (pdf document, created from the entered data in the DocGS platform)    
  • A completed and signed care agreement    
  • An officially certified copy of the university degree certificate (no originals) *    
  • An officially certified copy of the university degree certificate (no originals) *
  • Identification document (as a copy with blackened number or personal template)

* In the case of applicants with a TUM degree, the necessary certification of the documents can be done by the Dean's Office or the Department of BGU upon submission of the original.


At the Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering the entry into the doctoral list is not made until the exposé has been uploaded to the DocGS database. This should be done latest 6 months after the application for the entry to the doctoral list. 

Double degree doctorate

  • The sample contract is available from TUM GS, currently by Ms Zhang ( The supervisor fills out the contract. If need, he engages the FGC BGU and the Dean's Office or the TUM GS. Afterwards, the supervisor sends the contract by mail to the foreign university to submit the proposal. The FGC BGU, the Dean's Office and the TUM GS will receive it as well.    
  • The partner university sends the modified version to the TUM GS, Ms Zhang, and to the supervisor.    
  • Following the examination by TUM GS, the draft contract will be sent to the legal department. If necessary, the FGC BGU provides support.    
  • As soon as both universities have accepted the contract, the respective signatures are made by the presidents, deans, supervisors and the TUM Graduate Deans (TUM GS).    
  • If a double doctorate intended to be based on publications, this must be stated in the contract.
  • Please note: The entire procedure can take up to six months!
  • The application for entry into the doctoral candidacy list should be separate from the double-degree contract negotiations, so that the doctoral student becomes a member of the TUM-GS / FGC-BGU.

Publication-Based Doctorate

  • In the case of doctorates based on publications, special agreements apply in order to ensure scientific standards. Refer to guideline "Publication-Based Doctorate".   
  • Furthermore, it must be stated on the second page of the thesis and in the foreword that the work is based on publications.

Doctorates in cooperation with universities of applied sciences, non-university research institutions and companies

For doctoral degrees in cooperation with universities of applied sciences, non-university research institutions and companies, recommendations have been agreed, which you can read here.

Since July 2016 there exists a  signed agreement between the University of applied sciences munich (HM) and TUM for cooperation.

Course of the doctorate

The TUM doctoral process revolves around independent research and writing a doctoral thesis. A doctoral degree according to the TUM-model supplements the doctoral thesis and the following mandatory elements, which must be completed after entry in the list of doctorates.

Find out more about the qualification program

Role of the doctoral candidate: Role of the supervisor / Note for the supervisor:
Kick-off seminar in the first 6 months Participation is helpful at the beginning of the doctorate and highly recommended. Therefore, it would be good if you point that out to your doctoral candidates.
Subject-specific qualification (6 SWH, 1 SWH = 10.5 hours) Doctorate programs, winter / summer schools, conferences, etc., master's courses are not accepted. Courses of up to max. 6 months before the start of membership are not being accepted.
Feedback-Discussion (latest after 2 years) The feedback discussion has to take place before the internationalization. Only after the feedback discussion a request for the support of the internationalization is possible. In special cases an exception may be requested at FGC-BGU.
Involvement in the academic environment of the TUM (self-report of the doctoral student) The doctoral student's self-report is required for external doctoral students and has to be signed by the supervisor.
Minimum membership of 2 years Beginning of the membership is the day of the formal examination, means the time as a temporary member is taken into account.
Annual confirmation The annual confirmation has to be done separately for every doctoral candidate (Request via Doc-GS).

Financial support

Support: Note for the Supervisor:
Transferable Skills Training
(optional program):
The TUM Graduate School supports only their own courses (see. TUM-GS Courses), in which a personal financial participation is required; the amount is shown in the course description.
English-Proofreading for two publications in a journal / Conference book: It has to be two publications; parts / single chapters of the doctoral thesis can not be submitted.
International activities:
1.600€ max. for conferences etc., with active participation, means a presentation or lecture.
Additional 1.400€ max. for international research of more than 4 weeks.

Internationalization funds are given to internal doctoral students and possibly scholarship holders (only in consultation with the FGC-BGU)! More information is available here.
The application for funding for an internationalization measure is to be submitted via DocGS and only possible after the feedback discussion has taken place. Special cases and exceptions are to be agreed in advance by FGC-BGU.

National Conferences/ Workshops

An application on the funding of international activities in Germany can be submitted at FGC-BGU. Funding money comes from the fund of the FGC-BGU.

Support of an internationalization program abroad by an external doctoral student who finances the doctorate himself. International funding can be applied for via the Internationalization Grant of the TUM-GS
Support of a subject specific course offered to the doctoral students within the framework of the specific program.

Grant funds to provide subject specific courses can be applied for at any time at the FGC-BGU. Per participating doctoral students, who are members of the FGC-BGU, € 100 can be applied for. The Application form for supporting a subject specific course has to be send by Mail to the FGC-BGU.




End of the doctorate

The application process is carried out for all doctoral candidates via the TUM GS and must be completed five weeks before the date of the meeting of the Department Council in which the members of the Examination Board are considered. The doctoral thesis must be submitted to the Doctoral Office of the TUM three weeks before the relevant meeting of the Faculty Council in the Doctoral Office.

The following documents of confirmation have to be uploaded in DocGS latest until the submission of the doctoral thesis:

  • kick-off
  • confirmation of 6 SWS (= 63 h) scientific program
  • confirmation of a publication (peer-reviewed)
  • self report of the involvement in the academic environment of TUM
  • duration of membership: minimum 2 years

Without this qualification program it is impossible to submit the doctoral thesis in DocGS.