Research Stays Abroad: TUM Graduate School Internationalization Support

In terms of the support provided for internationalization, a distinction is drawn between the following groups of doctoral candidates:

  • TUM research and teaching associates
  • Scholarship, fellowship or grant recipients with or without a workingplace at TUM.

TUM-GS gives no funding for the following doctoral candidates:

  • Doctoral Candidates of HAWs, external research institutes, etc. (also from other authorities, other universities, Doctoral Candidates of the"Landesanstalten")
  • Doctoral Candidates of other instututes of TUM ("An-Institute der TUM")
  • self financing doctoral candidates
  • "Industrial doctoral candidates"
  • doctoral candidates with other financing

Doctoral students who are neither employed at the TUM nor receive a classical doctoral scholarship cannot be supported by the regular TUM-GS Internationalization Support. Instead, you have the opportunity to apply in advance for the TUM-GS Internationalization Grant Award of max. 1,600 Euro.
Doctoral candidates who are excellent in their disciplines can apply for this grant for the following:

  • A stay for research purposes at a scientific, academic or research institution or within an industrial firm that conducts research in another country
  • Presentation of the candidate’s own scientific, scholarly or research findings at international conferences, symposia etc. in another country
  • Attending international subject-specific summer/winter schools, workshops, etc.

Please contact when planning your stay abroad to discuss the project and the application process for the TUM-GS Internationalization Grant Award.