Geodesy and Geoinformation (Master)

The Master's program can be seen as a consecutive continuation of the existing Bachelor's program Geodesy and Geoinformation, but is also open to interested students who have acquired the required pre-knowledge in a related bachelor's or master's program at another university.

The study program focusses in the first semester on deepening the knowledge in all geodetic disciplines. The following two semesters are focussing on specific chosen disciplines and their scientific-, application-, and research-oriented methods. Despite a fixed curriculum, elective courses have to be chosen as well. Student are involved in interdisciplinary projects of ongoing research projects to specialize in specific disciplines, methods, or sensors without limiting later work fields in industry or science.

Graduates of the master's program Geodesy and Geoinformation have the necessary fundamentals to improve and evaluate existing methods, train their scientific skills, understand not only specific problems but also have an overview of complex, interdisciplinary questions and are able to evaluate complex scientific work. Therefore, they have the competence for a leading role in science and research.

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Study program, subjects, and specialisations

A detailed list of all mandatory and elective subjects in the fundamental semester and in the specialisations is provided in the following table. This includes information on the three specialisations "Physical and Satellite Geodesy", "Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, and Cartography", and "Geodesy, Geoinformatics, and Land Managment".


Application and aptitude assessment

You are interested in the master's program "Geodesy and Geoinformation" at the Technical University of Munich? This page describes how to apply for the master's program and provides information on the aptitude assessment to be passed.


External internship during the master program

An external internship in a company, govermental office or research institution is necessary to deepen the theoretical knowledge of the study program and focusses on the practical application of methods and challenges in real geodetic projects. The internship can either be done before the study program starts or during the study program. The internship is compulsory to succesfully graduate.



Summary of documents including course schedule and the official Academic and Examination Regulations (Fachprüfungs- und Studienordnung) (only in German).