Application and aptitude assessment

You are interested in the master's program "Geodesy and Geoinformation" at the Technical University of Munich? This web page describes how you can apply for this master's program and provides information on the aptitude assessment process you are required to pass through.

What is an aptitude assessment?

If you plan to apply for the master's program "Geodesy and Geoinformation" at the Technical University of Munich, you should possess the qualifications and skills necessary for this master's program, which include:

  • the ability to work in a scientific as well as in a fundamentals- and method-oriented manner,
  • firm knowledge on the scientific principles in Geodesy and Geoinformation such as basic knowledge in mathematics, computer science, statistics, and physics,
  • knowledge from a bachelor's program in Geodesy and Geoinformation or a related bachelor's program conducted at a university or at a university of applied sciences,
  • interest in engineering and in geodetic questions and the ability to think in a spatially-referenced way,
  • persistence and firm problem-solving skills regarding complex questions and
  • the ability to describe and present scientific methods in English.

If you fulfil these prerequisites, you are welcome to apply for our master's program. You have to apply online via the TUMonline portal. The documents you have to submit are evaluated by an aptitude assessment committee based on defined criteria to check the prerequisites listed above.

The following section provides information on the documents you have to submit together with your application and on the aptitude assessment process. The aptitude assessment is based on the Academic and Examination Regulations (Fachprüfungs- und Studienordnung) of the master's program "Geodesy and Geoinformation" (Masterstudiengang "Geodäsie und Geoinformation") in its version of 19 June 2017. Detailed information on the application and the aptitude assessment process is available there. You can download an English version of the document here. Please note, however, that the officially published GERMAN text alone has binding force!

Do I have to take part in the aptitude assessment?
How do I apply and which documents do I have to submit?

All applicants have to take part in the aptitude assessment, irrespective of where they have completed their prior degree. The application has to be submitted by 31 May online via the TUMonline portal and via postal mail.

The application, together with an up-to-date passport photo, includes the following documents:

  • "Transcript of Records" which lists the modules you have passed in your prior study programs amounting to at least 120 credits. The transcript needs to be issued by the examination or study office of the university where you have completed your studies.
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Written motivation in English of at least one and a maximum of two pages in DIN A4, in which you describe the specific qualifications and interests based on which you consider yourself particularly suitable for the master's program "Geodesy and Geoinformation" at the Technical University of Munich. Points of reference for your written motivation can be found in the above mentioned criteria.
  • If available, a proof of subject-related vocational training or subject-related occupational activity as well as subject-specific additional qualifications (e.g. certificates, participation in scientific contests) to confirm your special motivation.
  • Proof of necessary English skills

When you aquired your Bachelor's degree not at the Technical University of Munich, you have to submit the following documents in addition:

  • Proof of academic degree according to § 36 of the Academic and Examination Regulations or up-to-date transcript of records or preliminiary document of academic degree (in the latter case the final proof of academic degree has to be submitted by the time of enrolment at the latest).
  • Certificate of enrolment of the university you are currently attending
  • Student health insurance certificate
  • Copy of your personal identity card
  • Preliminary evaluation by uni-assist for graduate certificates (i.e. a bachelor's degree) obtained in a country outside of the EU/EEA
  • Additional information and prerequisites for incoming applicants

How does the aptitude assessment process work?

The aptitude assessment is conducted as follows (see chapter 5 of attachement B of the Academic and Examination Regulations):

In step 1 of the aptitude assessment process a preselection is made,

  • whether you can already be assessed eligible based on the documents you submitted,
  • whether you will be invited to a personal interview (see step 2),
  • or whether it cannot be expected from the documents you submitted that you will be able to proof your eligability in step 2. In this case, a rejection will be sent to you.

If you reach step 2 of the apitude assessment process, you will be invited to a personal interview:

  • The interview will take place at the Technical University of Munich and will take about 20 to 30 minutes. The interview will be conducted by two members of the department of Civil Geo and Environmental Engineering.
  • The goal of the interview is to evaluate whether you are capable of reaching the goals of the master's program independently and responsibly on a scientific basis.
  • The interview focusses on your motivation for the master's program "Geodesy and Geoinformation" and in particular on the above mentioned parameters of eligibility.
  • Scientific knowledge which is taught as part of the master's program "Geodesy and Geoinformation" is not relevant for the interview.
  • The interviews in step 2 will take place in the week of 29.7. to 2.8.2019.
  • You will be informed obligatory about the date of the interview at least one week in advance. If you are not able to attend the interview at the specified date for reasons beyond your control, a rescheduled interview can be arranged based on a justified request up to two weeks before the lectures start. You may give preferred dates, but you are not eligible for a desired date or for postponing the assigned date.
  • You are strongly advised to reserve the announced time slot for the interview.
  • In very special cases (e.g. applicant has to travel from abroad) the interview can be conducted via telephone or video conference.

If single subject-related prerequisites from your prior study program are missing, the aptitude assessment committee may give the permission to start the master's program by imposing the obligation to pass exams equivalent to a maximum of 30 credits from the bachelor's program "Geodäsie und Geoinformation".

How and when will I be informed if I am accepted to the master's program?

The aptitude assessment committee will non-bindingly inform you about the outcome of the aptitude assessment process via e-mail shortly after the interview has taken place. The official admission notifications are sent directly by the TUM Admissions and Enrollment Office, as soon as the aptitude assessment process has been completed, however, no later than by the end of August. You will be informed simultanously about possible obligations to be imposed.

Application for admission to the master's program "Geodesy and Geoinformation"

The application has to be submitted electronically via the TUMonline portal. Further information on the application and assessment process can be found here. The online application portal is open from 1 April until 31 May. Fill in the required online forms and send all requested documents by 31 May at the latest to:

Technische Universität München
Arcisstraße 21
80333 München