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Field trip Adige catchment 2019 (Water Management at the Catchment Scale)

As part of the course "Water Management at the Catchment Scale", 27 Master students took part in the excursion from 01.4.-05.4.19 to the Adige catchment area. The 27 students were divided into nine groups and worked on different hydrological topics (surface water-groundwater interaction, hydropeaking, water quality, integrated water resource management, reservoir management and snow hydrology). During the excursion the students presented their research topics and discussed with local authorities and stakeholders. It is now possible for the participants to deepen their knowledge on the topics of the excursion through study projects or master theses and to make use of the contacts to Italian scientists, companies and authorities. The activity was carried out within the framework of the FP7 project Globaqua.

We are grateful to the companies Azienda Intercomunale Rotaliana (AIR), Carosello Tonale, Fondazione San Vigilio, the municipality Pejo (Dott. Francesco Framba), Student Campus NEST in Trento as well as the weather service of the province Trento (Meteotrentino), the mayor of Dimaro Folgarida Arch. Andrea Lazzaroni and the forester Luca Colato for their support.

World Water Day 2019

The article "How the rain comes into the groundwater" has been published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung/Edition Freising on 19.03.2019. On the occasion of World Water Day on 22.03.2019, we look forward to a good cooperation with the Wasserzweckverband Freising Süd in Neufahrn.