Since spring-time 2016 there are analyses in the framework of the project 'ProNaHo' for determination of the influence of land use to run-off formation and run-off concentration. The measuring fields are located in the southern part of the catchment area of the river Glonn and therefore at the southern border of the stream territory of the Tertiary downs. They are arranged parallel to a slope which is facing north-west and contain arable land, grassland and a forest area.

The captured parameters include meteorological input to the open landscape and the forest, soil-hydraulic properties at the measuring areas, and run-off at the slope-toe of the fields. Soil-moisture and suction power are measured at three positions in two different depths each.
The measurement of the runoff-components takes place in ditch-systems, in which surface-runoff and interflow are measured in two levels and three segments. Like that not only the differences due to land use can be observed, but also the horizontal and vertical heterogeneity of waterflow in the ground.