Curriculum Vitae

From 2016

Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Munich

Senior Research Associate

I work on the integration of a microscopic land-use model (SILO) and a transportation model. This integration will be applied to the metropolitan Area of Munich, as a case Study. Currently, I work on the microsimulation of transportation using the open source model MATSim. I work on the development of a transportation model for the Ontario province (Canada) as well. Besides, I teach a course on Road Safety for students of the Master in Transportation Systems of TUM.


Highway Engineering Research Group

Teaching Assistant

After my PhD, I worked as teaching assistant (Profesor Ayudante in Spanish) at the Highway Engineering Research Group. I taught several courses in Road Safety, Traffic Engineering, Road Construction and Applied Research Methodology. I supervised 8 Master Thesis and Final Year Projects on different topics of Highway Engineering.

 I conducted research on bicycle safety on rural roads and on traffic microsimulation of two-lane and 2+1 roads.


Highway Engineering Research Group

Research assistant, recipient of FPU PhD grant of the Spanish Ministry of Education

My PhD Thesis was focused on road design and road safety and their relationship with passing maneuvers on two lane rural roads. The project consisted on the observation of driver behavior on real roads and the development of models for this maneuver, in order to review current design guidelines. Besides, I collaborated in several research projects on bicycle safety on urban and rural roads, as well as on traffic calming devices.

I collaborated in teaching of several courses on road design.

During my doctoral studies, I spent six months at the Bureau of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Freight Security at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in 2013.