Nico Kühnel

Research Associate

Phone: +49 (0)89 289 28598




Nico Kühnel got his Master's degree in Transportation Engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin in 2017, where he also worked as a student research assistant at the department of transport systems planning and transport telematics since 2013. He then joined the Spatial Mobility Research Group as a research associate and PhD student. In 2019 he joined the mobil.lab doctoral research group as an associated member.

Research Interests

traffic simulation

integrated landuse and transportation modeling

traffic signal controls

open data


Supervised Master Theses

Estimating the potential Reduction of Transport-related Air Pollutants in Munich  | Eunbyeol Ko

Implementation of Public Transportation in the MATSim Simulation Environment  | Katharina Mehlstäubler

Modeling Public Transit Commuters' Short-Term En-Route Re-Planning Behavior in Response to Unexpected Service Disruption | Wei-Chieh Huang

The Impacts of Sustainable Concepts in Urban Freight Distribution: A Courier, Express and Parcel Case Study | Ibraheem Adeniran (on-going)



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