Technological research is one of the central tasks of our faculty, with application-oriented research and basic research being equally important. To this end, the R&D facilities such as testing centres, external institutes and laboratories as well as the faculty’s computer clusters offer an effective and, it this combination, unique infrastructure.

Focus Areas

A new research oriented structure of the department is created by Focus Areas:

  • Focus Area Construction
  • Focus Area Mobility and Transportation Systems
  • Focus Area Modeling-Simulation-Processes
  • Focus Area Hydro- & Geosciences

Information on the research activities of our chairs and professorships can be found on the respective websites. Links to the corresponding websites can be found on our website:
Chairs and Professors of the Department

Current research projects within the framework of doctoral studies at BGU can be found on our website:
Fact Sheets about Doctoral Projects


Experimental Facilities


Interdisciplinary Centers


Cross-Cutting Issues

besides numberous research activities of our chairs and interdisciplinary centers the department is also engaged in four cross-dicipline issues:



Some current research projects that are being worked on within the faculty can be found here.