Ann-Kathrin Goldbach, M.Sc.

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Curriculum vitae

since 2015 Research and Teaching Associate at Chair of Structural Analysis, Prof. Dr.-Ing. K.-U. Bletzinger
2013 - 2015 Student of Civil Engineering, TUM
2013 Student of Civil Engineering, KTH Stockholm
2009 - 2012 Student of Civil Engineering, TUM
2008 Abitur at Deutsche Schule Pretoria, ZA


  • Lightweight Structures
  • Cutting pattern generation of structural membranes
  • Cutting pattern generation with isogeometric analysis


  • Structural Analysis 1
  • Structural Analysis 2
  • Theory of Shells
  • Baupraktische Untersuchungen
  • Membrane Workshop
  • Introduction to Finite Element Methods
  • Supervision of student reports



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