Coronavirus: University operating under restrictions from 18 March 2020 (6 pm)

Information for students and staff seeking advice on our programs

Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus disease COVID-19 and the virus SARS-CoV-2, we ask you to get in touch with us by e-mail and phone only until further notice. We will try our best to perform our consulting services as smoothly as possible this way.

Coronavirus: Updated information for our employees and students

Stay abroad

Welcome to the information pages for international students at the Faculty of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering. The information is divided into two areas: students of partner universities wishing to study as part of an exchange programme, and international studies taking up full-time study at the TUM should please select the category "Incoming Students".

Students of the TUM planning a period of study abroad can find information under the category "Outgoing Students".

Please take the time to find out all you need to know, and observe the available links. Should you still have more extensive questions, please feel free to contact me (see contact box on the right).