Recognition of study and examination achievements

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the recognition of exam achievements:

1.) How can I receive recognition for credits from previous studies?

Please consider: Modules can only be recognized if they are also included in the curriculum for the respective degree program. This is determined by the degree curriculum which was in force at the time of your enrolment.

A review for recognition of credits cannot be undertaken until enrolment is complete.

An application for recognition of credits can only be submitted once to the responsible examination administration during the first year of study (exception: exchange semesters, double degrees). Besides, an application for recognition is not possible if you have already taken the respective exam at TUM.

Process: Please contact the responsible examination administration. There you will receive an application form to bring to the respective chair or professorship for verification of the module content. The lecturers are the final arbiters of whether the documented credits are equivalent to the studies and examination material at the Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering at the TUM. Please arrange an appointment and review these forms in person with the corresponding lecturer (module responsible). Please do not forget to bring along the following documents to this meeting:

  • Application form
  • Module descriptions
  • Your transcript of records where the respective modules and courses are listed.

When the form has been completed by the lecturer, please return it as well as the transcript of records to the responsible examination administration. Please note that only original documents or authenticated copies (transcript of records) can be considered.

2.) Are there specific deadlines?

Applications for recognition can be made within the first year of study. The date of receipt of the application is decisive.

Exception: If you are enrolled at the TUM and have earned credits during an exchange semester abroad (leave of absence), you will have to apply for recognition no later than the semester following the leave of absence semester.

3.) What credits can I obtain for a study semester abroad?

If there is a similar module (the content must be fundamentally the same) in the study plan for your degree, direct recognition is possible. This requires a successful review of the content to be carried out by the appropriate institute or professorship and the study counsellor of your study program (process explained in question 1). Please use the preliminary approval form (the so-called "Laufzettel") for the review of recognition of credits: Preliminary approval form

If you do or did an study exchange with the Erasmus program, please see this website for more information on the recognition process and the use of the learning agreement.

Please consider: Academic papers composed during a leave of absence, such as during an exchange semester abroad, can only be recognized if the leave of absence is rescinded.

4.) Erasmus+

Recognitions within the Erasmus+ program are based on the Online Learning Agreement.

If you are participating in the Erasmus+ program and are enrolled in one the following programs, please follow the guidelines in the information sheet and in the OLA manual:

  • Civil Engineering (BSc. + MSc.),
  • Computational Mechanics (MSc.)
  • Environmental Engineering (BSc. + MSc.),
  • Geoscience / Earth Science (BSc.),
  • Engineering and Hydrogeology (MSc.),
  • Resource-efficient and Sustainable Building (MSc.),
  • Transportation Systems (MSc.)

You will find further information on recognition and the use of the learning agreement here.

If your study program is not listed, please contact the student advisor of your program.

5.) I don't see the recognized credits in the summary of examinations.

That is correct. Recognized credits are not examinations. Your recognitions are recorded in your transcript with a "*)". In the degree progress tree, you'll find your recognized credits listed at the position you've selected.

6.) Will I be promoted to a more advanced semester on account of the recognition I receive?

Up to 21 credits, there is no placement into a more advanced semester. From 22 credits on, you will be promoted by one subject semester. For each additional 30 credits, an additional subject semester will be awarded.

7.) Can I obtain credits for "supplementary" subjects?

No, credits can only be obtained for subjects that contribute to the completion of your degree program.