Moodle learning platform

As a freely available, central learning management system of the TUM, Moodle allows students self-controlled and cooperative learning and their supervision by lecturers and tutors independent of place or time. Moodle stands out thanks to its operating ease, clear course rooms and a context-sensitive help system. Moodle allows the fast integration of materials and learning activities into a course date or a subject area and also helps and promotes communication and cooperation.

For instance, a Moodle course room contains functions such as document filing, news, homework tasks, online task processing and a feedback function. Communication tools, such as chat, email, forum and Wiki, allow exchange between lecturers and students or students among each other to clarify any questions about the taught subject matter, to work on tasks jointly in online learning groups and to submit the group’s results for assessment. Moodle also offers the students the opportunity to do electronic tests to check their own individual learning progress and prepare for exams.

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