mobil.TUM 2008

mobil.TUM 2008 International Conference on Mobility and Transport

München, Conference Center "Alte Messe", 08 and 09 April 2008


Erreichbarkeit - Accessibility - Accessibilité

Introduction to the Conference

Norbert Vogt, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Technische Universität München

Erreichbarkeit - Accessibility - Accessibilité
Gebhard Wulfhorst, Technische Universität München  (Paper)

Upon an international Call for Papers the following sessions with 31 papers and presentations in English, French or German have been organized (session chairs):

Why accessibility matters (Eric Miller, University of Toronto)
Measuring accessibility (Alain L'Hostis, INRETS/LVMT, Lille)
Modelling accessibility (Yves Crozet, LET Lyon)    
Impacts of accessibility (Michael Wegener, S&W Dortmund)    
Accessibility & ICT (Fritz Busch, TUM)    
Accessibility & policy (Sven Kesselring, TUM)    
Accessibility & surface transport (Gebhard Wulfhorst, TUM)    
Accessibility planning (Todd Litman, VTPI Victoria)                  (Program)


mobil.TUM 2008 Paper Award

Kleinräumige Erreichbarkeitsanalysen mit GIS
Björn Schwarze, Technische Universität Dortmund (Paper)


mobil.TUM 2008 Presentation Award

Joint Accessibility Design
Thomas Straatemeier, Universitaet van Amsterdam (Presentation)

The Proceedings of the conference are available as a CD-ROM.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Thanks to all speakers, participants and people helping to realise the successful exchange.

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