mobil.LAB Doctoral Research Group

Sustainable Mobility in the Metropolitan Region of Munich

Shaping Mobility Cultures

The mobil.LAB Doctoral Research Group is a unique interdisciplinary and international group of doctoral candidates and researchers conducting research on the theme of sustainable mobility in the metropolitan region of Munich. The mobil.LAB is a joint programme of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Nürtingen-Geislingen University (HfWU), and is funded by the Hans-Böckler Foundation (HBS). 

The group is focused on high-quality doctoral research in a unique academic environment, where exchange between the members of the group, the associated researchers, and with external academics and professionals is important. Our activities include regular colloquia and seminars, PhD workshops, conferences, public lectures and policy workshops.

The research group was set up in 2011, and began its second phase with a new generation of fellows starting from October 2016.

Latest communications

Villeneuve, D., Duran, D., Ferri, A., Kuttler, T., Magelund, J., Mögele, M., Nitschke, L., Servou, E., & Silva, C. (2019). What is interdisciplinarity in practice? Critical reflections on doing mobility research in an intended interdisciplinary doctoral research group. Sustainability.

Rau, H., Popp, M., Namberger, P., & Mögele, M. (2019). Short distance, big impact: The effects of intra-city workplace relocation on staff mobility practices. Journal of Transport Geography, 79, 102483.

Villeneuve, Dominic, and Guillaume Drevon. ‘Dépendance à l’automobile et Pressions Temporelles’. In L’urbanisme Par Les Modes de Vie Outils d’analyse Pour Un Aménagement Durable, edited by Vincent Kaufmann and Emmanuel Ravalet, 171–92. Lausanne, Suisse: Métis presse, 2019.

Freudendal-Pedersen, Malene, Sven Kesselring, and Eriketti Servou. ‘What Is Smart for the Future City? Mobilities and Automation’. Sustainability 11, no. 1 (January 2019): 221

More about us...

The mobil.LAB is by design an interdisciplinary research group and it was created with the hopes that the interactions between researchers from varied scientific disciplinary backgrounds would help towards finding solutions to the wicked problem of making urban mobility more sustainable. As part of a reflexive exercise on the interdisciplinarity of our group, we have produced an interdisciplinary word cloud of our (un)official logo (yes, it’s a cycling unicorn).

For more information in terms of the concept for the second phase please look here.