Anthony Ferri

mobil.LAB Fellow

Funded by the Hans-Böckler Foundation

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Research Focus:

  • Inclusive Design
  • Pedestrian Navigation
  • Policy Analysis
  • Semiotics and Communications
  • Wayfinding Infrastructure Design

PhD Project Description

Social Sustainability through Transit Wayfinding

Wayfinding can be described as the physical communication components that assist users in navigating across various urban and regional spaces, essentially, a tool for decision making and decision execution (Jensen 2009; Lynch, 1960; Passini, 1992). Wayfinding is essential for transit users as it acts as a safety net for unfamiliar spaces. However, wayfinding can also be disorienting and confusing for users when not properly implemented, or simply, because it is different from what they are used to.

When considering social sustainability, sustainable transportation and how individuals transfer between transit modes, the way we visualize and design navigational tools has a tremendous impact on a user’s environment. Often, we fail to understand how vital a role wayfinding has in disseminating key passenger information. Being able to translate people’s movements into directional devices effectively is a powerful tool to prevent confusion and disorientation. With the understanding that user mobility is dependent on a user’s perception of space, I am exploring user interactions with surrounding transit wayfinding in order to identify if and where a communication breakdown exists.

My research looks at users’ experiences within public transit systems and the impact wayfinding has on their everyday transit decisions. Included in my research are qualitative and empirical research methods such as: Destination-Task Investigations, one-on-one interviews, and observational research.


Since 2018 PhD fellow at the mobil.LAB Doctoral Research Group funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation
2015-2018 M.Sc. in Transportation Systems (Technische Universität München) (Germany)
2015-2017 Assistant Researcher (Hiwi position) with the Chair or Urban Structure and Transportation Planning at Technische Universität München (Germany)
2013-2015 Urban Planner with the Department of Planning and Lands at the City of Yellowknife (Canada)
2014 Registered Professional Planner with the Alberta Professional Planners Institute (Canada)
2014 Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners (Canada)
2012 Continuing Studies Certificate - Transportation Courses (Simon Fraser University) (Canada)
2011-2013 Planning and Lands Officer with the Department of Planning and Lands at the City of Yellowknife (Canada)
2011 Student Cartographic Specialist at Peterborough County-City Health Unit (Canada)
2010-2011 GIS (Cartographic Specialist) Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (Fleming College) (Canada)
2009 Student Design Intern at Fundación Metropoli, Metropoli Cities Lab (Spain)
2008-2010 M.UDD. Masters of Urban Development and Design (University of New South Wales) (Australia)
2007-2008 FLE Certificate of French as a Second Language (Université Laval) (Canada)
2003-2007 B.A. in Environmental Studies and Geography (Trent University) (Canada)



Villeneuve, D., D. Durán-Rodas, A. Ferri, T. Kuttler, J. Magelund, M. Mögele, L. Nitschke, E. Servou, and C. Silva. (2019) What is Interdisciplinarity in Practice? Critical Reflections on Doing Mobility Research in an Intended Interdisciplinary Doctoral Research Group. Sustainability 2020, 12(1), 197.


Ferri, Anthony: “Making Connections: The Effectiveness of Transit Wayfinding in Munich’s Central Station”. Technische Universität München, Master’s Thesis. (Munich, Germany).


Ferri, Anthony, Kralt, Margaret, and Philpott, Dhara: “The View from Up-Here”. Canadian Institute of Planners National Conference – INFUSE. Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada).

Ferri, Anthony, and Kralt, Margaret: “Northern Planning Perspectives”. Alberta Professional Planners Institute special multi-city presentation. Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, and Red Deer (Alberta, Canada).

Voluntary Activities

Since 2014 Registered Professional Planner with the Alberta Professional Planning Institute
Since 2014 Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners
2013-2015 Elected Communications Councillor for the Alberta Professional Planning Institute
2011-2015 Chair of the Northern Planning Events Committee of Northern Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut (Canada)
2004-2007 Elected student government representative - Otonabee College (Trent University) (Canada)