David Durán Rodas

mobil.LAB Fellow

Funded by the Hans-Böckler Foundation

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Email: david.duran[at]tum.de  


Research Focus:

  • Shared mobility
  • Data mining
  • Land use and transport interactions
  • GIS modelling
  • Roads design

PhD Project Description

Data-driven method for expanding bike-sharing systems: a spatial factor analysis approach.

Traffic planners usually follow guidelines and GIS approaches to design bike-sharing systems. I propose the development of a data-driven method that searches for the optimal location of the stations and service area by maximizing the expected number of trips. The method builds models to forecast the bike-sharing trips by correlating the historical rentals with spatial objective (e.g., built environment) and subjective (e.g., lifestyle milieus, mobility preferences) factors in the zone of influence of the stations and in the shortest path between the stations. It includes three stages 1) Data collection, analysis, and processing, 2) Model building and validation, and 3) Estimating the optimal location of the stations. Two case studies are considered: a) multiple cities (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Marburg, Kassel, and Darmstadt) for a new system implementation and b) single city (Munich) for a system expansion. As an outcome, traffic planners will have available an automated data-driven decision-support method for the “first draft” of the design of bike-sharing systems.


Since 2017 PhD Candidate in the mobil.LAB Doctoral Research Group funded by the Hans-Böckler Foundation
Since 2019 Co-Instructor of the “Spatial Visualization of Land-Use and Transport” course for the Masters of Science in Transportation Systems at the Technical University of Munich.
Since 2019 Lecturer of the course “Data analysis and visualization” in Sustainable Mobilities Master’s Program (SUM) at HfWU, Geislingen.
2017 Short Term Scientific Mission. Factors influencing student´s leisure activities. Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (Israel)
2015-2017 Master of Science in Transportation Systems with a Major in ITS. Technical University of Munich (Germany)
2016-2017 Working student, Chair of Urban structure and Traffic Planning. Technical University of Munich (Germany)
2015 Assessor of the Vice-minister of Defense (Ecuador)
2014-2015 Associate roads and traffic engineer. PROMAS (Program of Management of Water and Soils) - University of Cuenca (Ecuador)
2007-2014 Bachelor in Civil Engineering. Universidad de Cuenca (Ecuador)
2013 Research assistant. Environmental modelling for the analysis of data from the Quimsacocha highlands. PROMAS (Program of Management of Water and Soils ( Ecuador)
2011-2012 Working student, Chair of Geology. University of Cuenca (Ecuador)


Duran-Rodas, D., Villeneuve, D., Wulfhorst, G: (In)equality in the usage of bike sharing systems considering built and social environment factors among residential areas. NECTAR 2019. Helsinki,Finland.

Duran-Rodas,D., Chaniotakis, E., Antoniou, C.: Built environment factors affecting bike sharing ridership: a data–driven approach for multiple cities. 2019 TRB Annual Meeting. Washington D.C., USA.

Duran-Rodas, D., Chaniotakis, E., Antoniou, C.: Identification of spatio-temporal factors affecting arrivals and departures of shared vehicles. COST Action TU1305 Social Networks and Travel Behaviour Final Conference in Milano 2018

Duran-Rodas, D., Chaniotakis, E., Antoniou, C.: Automated open-source data collection and processing: an example of Open-Street-Map and Bike sharing. mobil.TUM 2018.

Duran-Rodas, D., Chaniotakis, E., Antoniou, C.: Identification of spatio-temporal factors affecting bike sharing demand: a multiple city approach based on a local level. IATBR 2018.