Series: Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning; Wulfhorst, Gebhard (Ed.)

ISSN 2192-9459

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Year Author Title Price
2018 Miramontes Villareal, Montserrat Assessment of mobility stations: Successfactors and contributions to sustainable urban mobility 35,00 EUR
2018 Priester, Roland Effekte von Straßenbahnen auf die Stadtentwicklung: Forschungsstand, Systemmodellierung und Fallstudienanalyse 35,00 EUR
2018 Theo, Tharsis Suitability of battery electric vehicles and opportunity charging for urban freight transport: an evaluation framework 35,00 EUR
2017 Okrah, Matthew Bediako Handling Non-Motorized Trips in Macroscopic Travel Demand Models: Calculating Intrazonal Impedances and Identifying an Appropriate Level of Spatial Resolution 35,00 EUR
2016 Büttner, Benjamin Consequences of Sharp Increases in Mobility Costs on Accessibility: Suggestions for Individual and Public Development Strategies 35,00 EUR
2013 Wulfhorst, Gebhard; Büttner, Benjamin (Hrsg.) Transportation Demand Management, Insights from the mobil.TUM 2012, International Scientific Conference on Mobility and Transport 35,00 EUR
2011 Witzig, Rainer Wirkungsmodellierung von Maßnahmen zur Reduktion von Energiebedarf und CO2-Emissionen im Personenverkehr: Potentialabschätzung von Elektromobilität und Emissionshandel 35,00 EUR