The Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering is part of the following associations and research groups:


ITS BAVARIA e. V. is a society for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) in Bavaria that promotes research and development, introduction, use and further development of ITS to increase traffic safety, ensure mobility and protect the environment.

The society brings together partners and networks from the private sector, science, politics and administration. Its members include the Free State of Bavaria, the Munich Transport and Tariff Association, the Frauenhofer Institutes ESK and IML, and several chairs of the Technical University of Munich (see all members).


ITS-edunet is an International Network aiming to improve training and education in ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) at European Level. The main objective of the association is to improve and promote ITS at the European Level, mainly by enhancing the training and education in ITS and by bringing forward pan-European knowledge exchange in order to reach a uniform level. The main activities foreseen are to

  • encourage the sharing of resources and exchange of information through the establishment of a knowledge database
  • improve the exchange and networking between universities and other legal entities who are interested in improving ITS training and education
  • organize short courses and seminars
  • undertake initiatives to raise the general awareness of ITS.

Full members are universities and other institutes engaged in training and education in the field of ITS. They are expected to play an active role in the network and to promote future network activities. They contribute to the joint knowledge database and take care themselves of the quality of the material. Full members are also encouraged to organise short courses or to establish new activities for the network.