WANTED! Participants for driving simulator study

We are conducting a driving simulator study as part of the large-scale European project i-DREAMS. The aim of the study is to improve road safety by means of a safety system in the car. This system observes the driving style and the general condition of the drivers and the road environment. In dangerous traffic situations, the system warns the driver while driving. In this way the driver can react in time and a potential traffic accident could be avoided.

What do you need to remember if you participate?

  • Participation in this study is entirely voluntary.
  • All the details will be explained to you via a document, called an informed consent. We will ask you to sign this document to confirm that you were sufficiently briefed and you will get to keep a copy of this document.
  • The collected data will ONLY be used for research purposes and will not be shared with third parties  following national and European regulations.

Who can participate?

Enthusiastic drivers who:

  • are at least 18 years old;
  • have a driver's license valid in Germany;
  • are medically fit to drive.

What do we ask you for?

Your willingness to

  • participate in our study for about 2 hours;
  • drive in our car simulator;
  • fill in some questionnaires;
  • to allow to use your collected data for research. 

Incentive for participation

You will receive a purchase voucher of € 25. In addition, you help us to improve the operation of the safety system and thus increase road safety.

Find out more about this study and sign up.