WANTED! Drivers for field trials

We are recruiting drivers for field trials of the i-DREAMS project.

The i-DREAMS project mission is to contribute to better road safety via innovative research. With this study, we hope to make a significant step forward towards a safer transport system by taking advantage of intelligent sensors and technologies and supporting drivers to become safer drivers. We primarily want to find out the effectiveness of technology to monitor and analyse driving behaviour.




How does technology lead to a safer driving?

This technology can interact with the driver both during and after the ride. During experiments, for example, sensors in a wristband will monitor the driver’s heart rhythm, so that both the driving behaviour and the alertness of the driver are measured in real-time. The car could give a warning if the sensor detects that the driver is no longer concentrated. Even after the car ride, the driver will be informed by means of the smartphone about dangerous traffic situations that occurred while driving.

What research method do we use?

Road safety experts agree that traditional road safety research based on accident data reaches its limit when it comes to researching the effectiveness of technology to monitor and analyse driving behaviour. Therefore we are exploring new research methods. Naturalistic Driving (ND) is one of these methods. In ND, car drivers are observed over longer periods of time by electronic in-vehicle data collection units.


What do you need to remember if you participate?

  • Participation in this study is entirely voluntary.
  • All the details will be explained to you via a document, called an informed consent. We will ask you to sign this document to confirm that you were sufficiently briefed and you will get to keep a copy of this document.
  • Your participation will NOT affect your driver’s license and vehicle insurance in any way.
  • The collected data will ONLY be used for research purposes and will not be shared with third parties  following national and European regulations .

Who can participate?

Enthusiastic drivers who:

  • are 18 years or older;
  • are medically fit to drive;
  • have a car in Germany;
  • have a driver's license valid in Germany;
  • have a vehicle insurance;
  • have an Android smartphone.


A €250 participation remuneration will be granted if you complete all the questionnaires and if you continue your participation until the end of the study.

Find out more about this study and sign up.