ASTRA 2018/005 - Impacts of Automated Driving

Project Description

With regard to the medium and long-term planning and development of the transportation network and spatial development, the role of automated driving is gaining importance. Both national and international studies show that in terms of mobility behavior (demand, choice of vehicle, etc.) and traffic flow (traffic technology, infrastructure capacity, traffic safety, etc.) major changes are expected due to an increasing share of automated vehicles in the traffic system. For Switzerland, the question arises which effects (partially) automated driving will have on infrastructure and on spatial planning. Against this background, the ASTRA 2018/005 research project was launched.

 Tasks of the Chair

Subproject 5 (mixed traffic) focuses on the effects of automated driving on the traffic system. In particular, the coexistence of different vehicle types with different degrees of automation as well as their interaction with other road users, are considered. The focus is on the investigation of safety and functionality of the traffic system. The challenges of SP 5 are the estimation and prognosis of the degree of penetration in the vehicle fleet of automated vehicles on the temporal, spatial and also on the technical level.

Keywords Automated driving, mixed traffic
Funding Swiss Federal Roads Office FEDRO
Partners Gruner AG
Duration September 2018 to June 2019
Contact Sabine Krause, Fabian Fehn