Bluetooth Testbed (completed: 2019)

Project Description

The State of Bavaria plans to further improve traffic information and traffic control systems as well as to increase traffic safety on federal freeways (BAB). Due to that background, a system for the detection of traffic incidents and travel times is to be created throughout Bavaria. A necessary prerequisite for optimum efficiency is an adequate, reliable and fast detection of the traffic flow, in particular during traffic interruptions or breakdowns and when congestion occurs. For this purpose, Bluetooth sensors are installed in a test bed on the freeway A9 and compared against data from local data acquisition and from video camera systems. The aim of this experiment is to investigate the suitability of the Bluetooth data acquisition with regard to travel time detection and incident detectio.

Tasks of the Chair

  • Definition of traffic demand and surrounding scenarios
  • Definition of quality indicators for the evaluation of local and segment-based data
  • Definition of quality indicators for incident detection
  • Evaluation of the statistical significance of the examination results
  • Analysis and evaluation of the ANPR systems as travel time reference system
  • Data evaluation and assessment
Keywords Urban Traffic Control, Connected Mobility, Traffic State Estimation
Funding Zentralstelle Verkehrsmanagement (ZVM) an der Autobahndirektion Südbayern (ABDS)
Partners Gevas Humberg & Partner
Duration June 2017 until June 2018
Contact Martin Margreiter, Matthias Spangler