SiBike Evaluation

Project description and activities of the chair

SiBike is an application developed by Siemens that prioritizes bicyclists at signalised intersections. When a bicyclist equipped with the SiBike app approaches a signalised intersection, the traffic light switches automatically to green within a few seconds or extends the existing green phase. In this way, a green wave is generated for the bicyclists along the route.   SiBike has the potential to increase traffic efficiency and traffic safety for bicyclists. The prioritization reduces the number of stops of equipped bicyclists at signalised intersection approaches. Additionally, travel speed is increased along the route. At the same time, the traffic situation for other road users is altered due to the adjustment of the traffic control plan to cater to the requirements of bicycle traffic. The main objective of this project is to examine the effects of SiBike on bicycle traffic as well as on the other road users. The evaluation is based on experimental traffic data collected during three trials at the test site in the city of Marburg.

Activities at the Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control include:

  • Determination of the scientific requirements for the evaluation
  • The design, organisation and execution of the trials at the test site
  • Evaluation of the effects of SiBike on all road users


Keywords Bicycle Traffic Control, Prioritization
Duration August 2016 until December 2016
Contact Matthias Spangler, Heather Twaddle, Georgios Grigoropoulos