Project Description

The goal of the research in RadOnTime is to increase the attractiveness and efficiency of bicycle traffic at signalised intersections while guaranteeing the safety of bicyclists. This goal will be reached using a signal control measure especially designed for bicyclists. Countdown timers that display the remaining time until the green or red phase of the signal cycle begins will be installed at signalised intersections. This measure allows bicyclists to tactically adjust their speed and avoid stopping at red signals. The number of red signal violations and safety critical situations with conflicting streams of traffic are also reduced by this measure.

Within the framework of RadOnTime the effects of the signal control measure on traffic safety and efficiency will be investigated in real traffic and using a bicycle simulator. Countdown times will be installed at selected research intersection in Munich. Safety and efficiency parameters will be derived from trajectory data from all types of road users, which will be extracted from video data using automated video analysis. The acceptance and evaluation of various design alternatives for the control measure by different bicyclists will be examined in a bicycle simulator study.

The number of red signal violations as well as the waiting time for bicyclists are both expected to decrease by 10% as a result of the prototypical implementation of the countdown timers. This will be accompanied by the significant reduction in safety critical situations.

Keywords Urban Traffic Control, Bicycle Traffic, Countdown Timer
Funding Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
Duration July 2017 until December 2018
Contact Georgios Grigoropoulos, Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Keler, Dr.-Ing. Heather Kaths, Dr.-Ing. Matthias Spangler
Further information NRVP-Projekte