Fabian Fehn

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M.Sc. Fabian Fehn

Research Focus

  • Automated and connected driving in urban areas
  • Electric mobility 
  • Shared mobility services

Curriculum Vitae

Work experience

since 2018 Technical University of Munich
Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control
2018 Digital Product School
Product developer
2016 - 2017

BMW Group
Working student position and master thesis

2015 - 2016 Enerbasics GmbH
Working student position
2014 - 2015 BASE Technologies GmbH
Working student position



M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Use of backend data in the connected vehicle in BMW customer-oriented testing
Field of study: Traffic management and city planning
Technical University of Munich


B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering
Technical University of Munich

2014 B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering
INSA Lyon - Génie de l’environnement (Exchange semester)

Supervised Theses

  • Petkov, Adrian: Investigating the influences of automated vehicles on a coordinated road section via microsimulation. Master Thesis. Start: 21.10.2020; End: 8.5.2020. Mentoring: Fehn, Stüger. Abstract.
  • Türk, Hannah: Analysis of human perception and decision making in urban driving situations. Master Thesis. Start: 21.10.2019; End: 20.4.2020. Mentoring: Krause, Fehn. Abstract.
  • Gama Lins de Araujo, Thais: Automatic identification of bus drivers using driving behavior data collected by on-board units. Master Thesis. Start: 17.6.2019; End: 16.12.2019. Mentoring: Amini, Fehn. Abstract.
  • Huber, Lena: Analysis of urban driving situations for the evaluation and validation of automated vehicles’ driving functions. Start: 1.4.2019; End: 23.9.2019. Mentoring: Krause, Fehn. Abstract.
  • Heiß, Alexander: Evaluation and Optimization of the Charging Strategies for Electric Vehicles Based on Dynamic Electricity Prices. Master Thesis. Start: 1.3.2019; End: 2.8.2019. Mentoring: Fehn, Celikkaya. Abstract.
  • Hageneier, Moritz: Literature research on potential and possibilities of integrating electric vehicles into the smart power grid. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 8.4.2019; End: 6.9.2019. Mentoring: Fehn. Abstract.
  • Wiedemann, Alexandra: Analysis of possible Challenges in Mixed Traffic Consisting of Automated and not Automated Road Users. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 20.3.2019; End: 19.8.2019. Mentoring: Krause, Fehn. Abstract.
  • Freimoser, Christian: Evaluation of traffic accident data in Switzerland in the context of autonomous driving. Study Project. Mentoring: Krause, Fehn.
  • Kiefl, Johannes: Framework for the Evaluation of Test Areas for First Field Tests With an Automated Shuttle. Study Project. Mentoring: Fehn, Dr. Tsakarestos.
  • Schaffhäuser, Vera: Analysis and Evaluation of Traffic Accident Data for the Evaluation of the Safety Relevance of Urban Driving Situations. Master Thesis. Start: 25.5.2018; End: 23.11.2018. Mentoring: Krause, Fehn. Abstract.


  • Krause, S.; Fehn, F.: Estimation of Passenger-Car-Equivalents for New Forms of Mobility. , 8th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation (hEART 2019). , 2019 more…
  • Fehn, F.; Noack, F.; Busch, F.: Modeling of Mobility On-Demand Fleet Operations Based on Dynamic Electricity Pricing. International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems (MT-ITS 2019), IEEE, 2019 more…
  • Fehn, F.: Use of Backend Data in the Connected Vehicle in BMW Customer-Oriented Testing. Master thesis, 2018 more…