Sabine Krause

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M.Sc. Sabine Krause

Research Focus

  • Highly Automated Driving
  • Autonomous driving in urban areas

Curriculum Vitae

Work experience

since 2015

Technical University of Munich
Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control

2019 University of California, Berkeley
Visiting Research Scholar
2013 - 2015 BMW Group
Internship and master thesis
Field of work: Development driver assistance systems
2013 - 2014 Technical University of Munich
Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control
Student assistant
2012 - 2014 Technical University of Munich
Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning
Student assistant
2012 DLR, Braunschweig
Institute of transportation systems
Bachelor thesis
2011 Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Munich
Field of work: Human resource planning
2010 and 2011 TÜV Rheinland Grebner Ruchay Consulting GmbH, Munich
Field of work: Infrastructure planning


2013 M.Sc. in Transportation Systems
Field of study: Intelligent transportation systems
Technical University of Munich
2009 B.Sc. in Transport Economics
Field of study: Econometrics, management of transport and logistics companies
Technische Universität Dresden


  • Lecture "Transport Economics and System Assessment Methods"
  • Exercise "Transport Economics and System Assessment Methods"
  • Seminar “Practical Applications of Traffic Control Methods”
  • Project Seminar Transportation Systems
  • Lecture Series "Verkehr Aktuell"
  • Exercise "Traffic Safety"


  • Krause, S.; Fehn, F.: Estimation of Passenger-Car-Equivalents for New Forms of Mobility. , 8th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation (hEART 2019). , 2019 more…
  • Krause, S.; Busch, F.: New Insights into Road Accident Analysis through the Use of Text Mining Methods. 6th International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems (MT-ITS), 2019 more…
  • Krause, S.: Development of a Database for the Description and Analysis of Use Cases for Automated Driving. 98th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB 2019), 2019 more…
  • So,J.; Krause, S.; Kaths, J.; Tian, L.; Moon, Y. J.:: A proactive emergency vehicle control strategy based on automated driving technologies. Transportation Research Board (TRB) 97th Annual Meeting, 2018 more…
  • Hartmann, M; Motamedidehkordi, M.; Krause, S.; Hoffmann, S.; Vortisch, P; Busch, F.: Impact of Automated Vehicles on Capacity of the German Freeway Network. , ITS WORLD CONGRESS 2017. , 2017 more…
  • Krause, S.; Motamedidehkordi, N.; Hoffmann, S.; Busch, F.; Hartmann, M.; Vortisch, P.: Auswirkungen des teil- und hochautomatisierten Fahrens auf die Kapazität der Fernstraßeninfrastruktur. Forschungsvereinigung Automobiltechnik e.V., 2017, more…
  • Krause, S.; Motamedidehkordi, N.; Hoffmann, S.; Busch, F.: Mikroskopische Simulation von automatisierten Fahrzeugen zur Ermittlung der Wirkungen auf die Kapazität von Autobahnen. Straßenverkehrstechnik, 2017, 831-838 more…
  • Krause, S.; Motamedidehkordi, N.; Hoffmann, S.; Busch, F.: Mikroskopische Simulation von teil- und hoch-automatisierten Fahrzeugen zur Ermittlung der Wirkungen auf die Kapazität der Fernstraßen-infrastruktur. Heureka '17, Optimierung in Verkehr und Transport , FGSV Verlag, 2017 more…
  • Kaths, J.; Krause, S.: Integrated simulation of microscopic traffic flow and vehicle dynamics. IPG Apply & Innovate 2016, 2016 more…
  • Margreiter, M.; Twaddle, H.; Lüßmann, J.; Krause, S.: Evaluation of Environmental Impacts of Adaptive Network Signal Controls based on Real Vehicle Trajectories. mobil.TUM 2014 - Sustainable Mobility in Metropolitan Regions, 2014International Scientific Conference more…

Supervised Theses

  • Chu, Tian: Analysis and Comparison of different Merging Strategies with Regard to the Efficiency of Traffic Flow on Motorways. Master Thesis. Start: 15.6.2019; End: 14.12.2019. Mentoring: Dr. Spangler, Krause. Abstract.
  • Huber, Lena: Analysis of urban driving situations for the evaluation and validation of automated vehicles’ driving functions. Start: 1.4.2019; End: 23.9.2019. Mentoring: Krause, Fehn. Abstract.
  • Neubauer, Nina: Implementation of a path planning algorithm for automated vehicles using model predictive control in a simulated environment. Master Thesis. Start: 1.2.2019; End: 14.8.2019. Mentoring: Krause, Papapanagiotou. Abstract.
  • Wiedemann, Alexandra: Analysis of possible Challenges in Mixed Traffic Consisting of Automated and not Automated Road Users. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 20.3.2019; End: 19.8.2019. Mentoring: Krause, Fehn. Abstract.
  • Freimoser, Christian: Evaluation of traffic accident data in Switzerland in the context of autonomous driving. Study Project. Mentoring: Krause, Fehn.
  • Pries, Anna: Development of a Tool for the Analysis of Driver‘s Visibility Urban Driving Situations. Study Project. Mentoring: Krause.
  • Schaffhäuser, Vera: Analysis and Evaluation of Traffic Accident Data for the Evaluation of the Safety Relevance of Urban Driving Situations. Master Thesis. Start: 25.5.2018; End: 23.11.2018. Mentoring: Krause, Fehn. Abstract.
  • Veit, Julian: Simulative Analysis of Routing Algorithms for the Operation of an Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand System. Master Thesis. Start: 1.4.2018; End: 21.9.2018. Mentoring: Motamedidehkordi, Krause. Abstract.
  • Lindner, Johannes: Extraction of Urban Driving Situations from Video and Location Data of a Dashcam. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 4.8.2018; End: 18.12.2018. Mentoring: Krause, Dr. Spangler. Abstract.
  • Salmannsberger, Maximilian: Literature review on the Evaluation of Economic Effects of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.4.2018; End: 14.9.2018. Mentoring: Krause. Abstract.
  • Kutsch, Alexander: Development of a methodology for the criticality assessment of traffic signals. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 6.11.2017; End: 5.4.2018. Mentoring: Krause. Abstract.
  • Bruhn, Adrian: Analysis and Visualization of Traffic Accident Data (Master EE-Study Project). Study Project. Mentoring: Krause.
  • Leisch, Melanie: Analysis of driver behaviors in specific urban driving situations. Master Thesis. Start: 1.5.2017; End: 31.10.2017. Mentoring: Krause, Dr. Hoffmann. Abstract.
  • Zhu, Jie: Analysis of the impact of lane changing behavior on the capacity of freeway segments. Master Thesis. Start: 3.4.2017; End: 2.10.2017. Mentoring: Krause, Dr. Hoffmann. Abstract.
  • Bachmann, Frederik: Simulative impact assessment of a Platooning on the capacity of motorway infrastructure. Master Thesis. Start: 24.10.2016; End: 24.3.2017. Mentoring: Krause, Motamedidehkordi. Abstract.
  • Parlic, Aldijana: Analysis of driver’s perception of traffic states. Master Thesis. Start: 20.9.2016; End: 19.3.2017. Mentoring: Krause. Abstract.
  • Kagerer, Raimund: Analysis of driving behavior in varying traffic conditions. Master Thesis. Start: 15.9.2016; End: 14.3.2017. Mentoring: Krause. Abstract.
  • Dang, Viviane: Literature review on the safety analysis for driver assistance systems and possibilites for automated driving. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 10.5.2017; End: 9.10.2017. Mentoring: Krause. Abstract.
  • Ruf, Constanze: Integration von Verkehrsmanagementstrategien in Fahrerassistenzsysteme – Analyse möglicher Anwendungsfelder und Wirkungen. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.4.2017; End: 31.8.2017. Mentoring: Krause. Abstract.
  • Nagy, Tekla: Effects of highly automated vehicles from the user’s perspective. Master Thesis. Start: 8.12.2015; End: 7.6.2016. Mentoring: Motamedidehkordi, Krause. Abstract.
  • Hölderle, Sophia: Capacity Analysis on Motorways on- and off-ramps. Master Thesis. Start: 15.10.2015; End: 14.4.2016. Mentoring: Krause, Motamedidehkordi. Abstract.
  • Knysak, Christian: State of the art in modelling the driving behavior in merging areas. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.6.2016; End: 14.11.2016. Mentoring: Krause. Abstract.
  • Rath, Meike: State of scientific knowledge in modelling lateral driving behavior. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.6.2016; End: 31.10.2016. Mentoring: Krause. Abstract.
  • Türk, Hanna: Analysis and comparison of different simulation tools for modelling driving behavior. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.5.2016; End: 29.9.2016. Mentoring: Krause, Jakob. Abstract.
  • Blakaj, Laura: Potential impact of highly automated vehicles on traffic safety. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.4.2016; End: 14.9.2016. Mentoring: Krause, Motamedidehkordi. Abstract.
  • Neubauer, Nina: State of the art methods for extraction of vehicles trajectories from the video data. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 10.11.2015; End: 9.4.2016. Mentoring: Motamedidehkordi, Krause. Abstract.
  • Stetter, Matthias: Analysis of possible traffic situation in different types of urban intersections. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 2.11.2015; End: 30.3.2016. Mentoring: Motamedidehkordi, Krause. Abstract.
  • Rosenfeld, Oliver: Analysis of the Equipment of Testbeds for Highly Automated Vehicles. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 6.11.2015; End: 23.3.2016. Mentoring: Motamedidehkordi, Krause. Abstract.
  • Durner, Alexander: On-board Sensors for latest Driver Assistant Systems and Highly Automated Vehicles. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.10.2015; End: 14.3.2016. Mentoring: Margreiter, Krause. Abstract.
  • Zaman, Adnan: Analysis and prediction of the penetration rate of driver assistance systems in the vehicle fleet in Germany. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.9.2015; End: 15.2.2016. Mentoring: Krause, Motamedidehkordi. Abstract.
  • Fackler, Anna-Lena: Analysis of the gap acceptance behavior of bicyclists with conflicting streams of pedestrians at signal controlled intersections. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 16.9.2015; End: 13.1.2016. Mentoring: Twaddle, Krause. Abstract.