Project Seminar



Students will be able to apply their previously gained knowledge from the fields of transport planning, traffic management and urban planning to solve mobility issues pertaining to a real region around Munich. Expected Deliverables: 1) A Presentation of Implemented Measures 2) Submission of a Final Project Report


As part of this seminar, students will examine several transport measures and make improvements that are in line with the development strategies of the region. These strategies could include improvements to the public transport, cycling networks, freight and private car movement, implementation of car-sharing programs, and so on. The students will form several working groups, each choosing one topic related to mobility. The topics could be related to: parking, mobility stations, public transport, cycling, road/rail infrastructure, logistics, transit investments, land use and travel demand modelling, traffic management, etc. Given the strong relationships between many of the topics, a certain level of communication and cooperation among the groups will be necessary. You are explicitly asked to build on your former experience and research, and include ideas from your home countries or cities.

Teaching and learning methods

Admission prerequisites: Compulsary courses of 1st and 2nd semester of MSc in TS Examination: project with final discussion Accompanying optional arrangements: excursion, frequency (1 day) Accompanying required arrangement: needed as admission for the examination Character: participation in termediate presentations