Bachelor & Master Theses and Study Projects

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this pages introduces the different fields of research at the chair and possible topics for students theses. We kindly as you to inform yourself on the topics and if you are interested contact the person stated below each topic.

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Aktuell ist das folgende Studyproject verfügbar:


Bei Interesse bei Markus Reisenbüchler oder Bertalan Alapfy melden.

Obernach Research Institute

There is the possibility to integrate Bachelor or Master theses or study projects into current experimental projects. In most cases, this requires several weeks at the Obernach Research Institute. During this time free accommodation can be provided in the guesthouse on temporary grounds. 

Examples for topics covered so far:

  • Nonner Rampe Hochwasserneutralität und Anströmung (Study Project)
  • Optimierung der Anströmung und der Geschiebedurchgängigkeit an dem Modellversuch Nonner Rampe (Bachelor-Arbeit)
  • Optimierung des Tosbeckens nach dem Grundablass des HEPP Faizabad im Physikalischen Modellversuch (Bachelor-Arbeit)
  • Optimierte Versuchsparameter für ausgewählte Themen im Lehrelabor Obernach (Bachelor-Arbeit)
  • Die Steuerung des Einlassbauwerks des Flutpolders Riedensheim an der Donau (Master-Arbeit)

Contact: Arnd Hartlieb

Numerical Modelling

With the development of model theory and the fast updating computer technique, the application of numerical modelling has become widespread in environmental water resources engineering. Computer models are commonly used to test water resource plans and to assess the impacts of both engineering projects and natural events on challenges such as flood and storm damage reduction, optimisation of stream restoration, improvement of sediment management, and many others.

Our research approach combines conventional numerical hydrodynamic and morphodynamic models (1D, 2D and 3D), habitat and population models, Lagrangian techniques (e.g. Particle Tracking Method), and the utilization of data driven techniques (e.g. ANN and ANFIS) for the development, analysis, validation and application of computational models. Current research interests include:

  • Flood management considering hydro-morphological processes in rivers,
  • Reservoir management considering sediment transport, fish habitat, fish population, and water quality,
  • Improving the fundamental understanding of underlying physical processes of sediment transport in gravel-bed-rivers,
  • Optimising the technical measures for river engineering projects,
  • Modelling fish behaviours and fish movement in rivers, and
  • Assessing effects of climate change on water resources.

Should you be interested in numerical modelling and need further information for your study project, bachelor or master thesis, please contact to Minh Duc Bui.

photogrammetric reconstruction

A research project uses underwater photogrammetry to digitalize the erodible channel bed, aiming to understand the sediment movement processes better. A first system for performing underwater photogrammetry is already in operation. Within the scope of the research project I can offer various students works with different emphases, e.g. practical experiments in Obernach, theoretical treatises of the reconstruction process or further developments of the evaluation processes.

contact: Tobias Liepert

NTNU Trondheim

The Hydraulic Engineering institute of the department for civil and environmental engineering at NTNU offers the possibility of external Study Projects and Master`s theses. Possible general topics are:
• Research questions related to sediment including either field studies or numerical simulation
• Research questions related to the interaction of hydraulics and vegetation
As the topics are part of ongoing research projects, the exact contents change regularly. Language of the report is English. The exchange respectively the financing of the stay needs to be organised by the student her/himself via programs such as Erasmus etc. or on ones own. For any questions regarding practical issues of realisation here in Trondheim we gladly offer support.

Contact: Kordula Schwarzwälder